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Aug 20, 2006 01:32 AM

Review of Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

SO i just got back from a trip to Cabo and thought i would share some info on places to eat down there.

Mocambo -- This place is excellent. They specialize in local seafood
and their prices are the best in town. Had some live chocolate clams
that were very alive. They were great with a little squirt of lime
juice. Their octopus in mojo de ajo sauce was also great. The best dish was probably the crabs which were grilled and extremely tasty. I highly recommend this place. Its right in the middle of town and you can find the address in the local phone book.

Mercado Del Mar -- This tiny restaurant is a pain in the ass to find. It is right on the main highway (just outside San Jose) but their lack of a sign makes it a bit of a mission to find. The best way to find it was to ask the locals and we finally found someone who offered us a ride in their car to the place. Its a very pretty, outdoor setting under a small palapa and again this place specializes in seafood.
Everything we had there was great. Highly recommended.

Felix -- THis place was listed on the Food TV website as THE place to go in Cabo for authentic mexican food. I couldnt disagree more. This was the worst meal we had on our trip. Felix apparantly is an american guy and besides the clever food descriptions on the menu,everything is a disaster. They have a huge salsa bar
which is neither refrigerated nor sitting on a bed of ice. You will
hear a lot about this place but i would definately stay away from it.

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  1. Try RESTAURANT C, the Charlie Trotter restaurant in the One and Only Resort, Palmilla. Great chow. Stayed there a few months ago. It's also really excellent for breakfast.

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      I will try Restaurant C on my next trip out there. Thanks for the info.

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