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Aug 20, 2006 01:17 AM

San Rafael - Silbermann's Ice Cream - organic, family run since 1966

So why is there not only nothing about this place on Chowhound but anywhere on the web ... with the exception of the website.

It seems the parents just retired and one of the sons took it over in 2005 and is expanding the business a little.

It was mentioned in a trip report which I have some concerns about whether it will stick on the board as some non-San Francisco joints were mentioned. So I thought I'd do a separate post to ask about Silbermann's.

So, have have you tried this? What are the best flavors to try?

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  1. Ahem...

    P.S. Organic vanilla and organic chocolate available.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks ... I should have known if anyone on Chowhound tried it, it would be Melanie (g). Well, 756 days ago I didn't live in this area so wasn't paying attention. Will have to give it a try if I make it to the Marin Farmers market tommorrow.

      Given that they sell wholesale, I'm guessing that somewhere along the line I've tried this stuff.

      I actually did get that post and another long post returned from the Chowhound search page, but for some reason, occasionally the search terms don't get highlighted.

    2. I've had their ice cream in their Northgate One location many times, and really should have posted about it. I like it and agree that it's similar to Swensons. I really liked their chocolate-rasberry mousse flavor they seem to not have any more. I remember their organic extra-cost versions but don't think they're had those for a while. I haven't seen the word "organic" in their shop for a long time. The Mexican chocolate may be my current favorite flavor.

      1. This is my favorite ice cream in the Bay Area- used to live in Terra Linda and it's about the only thing I miss about living there! I'm a big fan of the chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip. Also really good fudge on sundaes. For me it hits the just rich enough to give fullness to the wonderful flavors without being so heavy that all you really experience is the weight of the cream ( a la Mitchell's)

        1. OMG, I LOVE Silbermann's- I grew up in Marin and it's definitely my favorite. (Now in Solano Co. and haven't found anything comparable...) When I want a hot fudge sundae, nothing else will do. The hot fudge is just right- rich, deep fudgey goodness! I also love the old-fashioned, neighborhood shop feel of the place. Peppermint stick is terrific- and they have it year-round instead of just winter- the peppermint and fudge is a great combo. In the fall, they make a yummy pumpkin ice cream. Recently I tried the lychee- not good- it had a weird creaminess and texture and probably would have been better as a sorbet. It seems from the website that there are some interesting changes coming. I'm hoping the new owner, being a part of the Silbermann family, keeps the focus on the great product and atmosphere. His brother, who has run the place for years, was always terrific and so welcoming.

          1. I love their fresh peach ice cream in the summer. I also had an ice cream cake from there on my birthday last year. Don't remember the flavors, but it was great!