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Aug 20, 2006 12:57 AM

Any good Chinese or Korean Buffet's anywhere?

My brother and his family, (who I still believe is the family portrayed in the sitcom Roseanne) will be visiting from Arizona in a few weeks and they proudly proclaim their favorite cuisine to be "All You Can Eat." That said, they love Asian cuisine, particularly Chinese and Korean, so I'm trying to find a place to take them that they'll enjoy and that I'll, at the very least, be able to tolerate. Manhattan? Brooklyn? Flushing? (I did try a place on the corner of 60th Street and 17th Avenue in Bensonhurst that was All You Can Eat Korean/Sushi, for like $20/person, but I'm sure they make their money based on the fact that the food is so bad that it's impossible to eat all you can eat. Ugh.)

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  1. These two might be worth trying:
    1) Arang - inexpensive Korean. Lunch 9.99 Dinner 12.99 My recent review:
    2) Todai, formerly Minado - Japanese, seafood with some Chinese and Korean dishes. Lunch 13.95, Dinner 23.95. Much larger selection than Arang.

    Both are on 32 St in Manhattan.

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      Arang is pretty terrible . The sushi looks really suspect, like it's been out there for awhile. The other food is generally dry.

      When todai was known as minado it was pretty bad as well.

      East buffet in queens is good as the rest of the posters have mentioned.

    2. I haven't been there myself, but East Buffet in Flushing always comes up in these discussions.

      1. East Buffet in Flushing on Main St. is definitely worth a visit. Hundreds of different Chinese fare (particularly good Peking duck that chefs carve by hand when you want it) is around $25/pp. If your family would rather stay within Manhattan, Yakiniku Juju on 28th St. is very popular and also within the same price range, and they serve AYCE Korean/Japanese BBQ. Enjoy!

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          I prefer the East Buffet branch in Elmhurst--more variety, fresher and better quality. But Flushing offers more sights and sounds and the best of both worlds in terms of more Korean and Chinese restaurant options.

        2. Thanks, everyone, for all the info. I'm on my way to try them out b4 my brother and his brood arrive.

          1. There is one really good Korean buffet (rare) in Fort Lee NJ.
            For $20 I had a feast and it was good quality food. I even got a plate of short ribs from the kitchen. In addition they serve sushi and ice cream. But there was quite a large selection for the buffet. I'm a person that doesn't like buffets, but I would definitely go back here. This place is mostly koreans and is right next to

            Plaza Diner Restaurant
            2045 Lemoine Avenue
            Fort Lee, NJ 07024

            You drive in a garage. Once you walk in you have to walk up the stairs and you will see the buffet on your left and to the back. I only went here for dinner. The place is almost all Korean so its authentic. They speak english.