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Aug 20, 2006 12:20 AM

restaurant recommendations for wedding in Paris

I am seeking the perfect restaurant in Paris in which to have a wedding. The food, of course, is the most important quality. It must thrill a rom full of foodies. Ambience also counts. The restaurant would also need to host 50-75 people. A three-star spot with 4-star quality food would be idea. Any suggestions?

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  1. Very Expensive: The Bristol--the place is gorgeous and the food excellent. Plus it is a hotel so they are more experienced with weddings.

    Expensive: L'Angle de Fauberg--run by Taillevant--nuff said.

    Expensive: Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower--surprisingly good food and well the view.

    Very Expensive: Le Doyen, a beautiful 3 star restaurant, set in a lovely park on the Champs d'Elysee.

    Reasonable: Le Pamphlet--like the food very much and the rooms are decent.

    Expensive: Pinxo--The food is okay and the room very modern and New Yorky.

    Very Expensive: Taillevant--Lovley food, beautiful room (they have a private room) perfect service and the best people.

    Hope this is a jumping off place. Keep us in the loop from now until a full report of your wedding. Bon Chance.

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      Thank you so much! I am visiting Paris in early Sept and will explore some of these venues. Will post my experiences....

    2. I'd definitely have a look at La Grande Cascade which would be perfect, especially with warm weather. You will find all necessary info on the web page (English version available).

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        I know it is a beautiful place, but I have never eaten there. Is the food outstanding? Looks gorgeous from the web site and it is in a beautiful setting, as is Le Doyen (3 stars) and Laperouse--a friend reports it lovliness, especially with the roof open and she very much enjoyed the food

      2. Laperouse is definitely a place you should check out. It's right on the Seine, and has a gorgeous decor. I've always thought the food was very good, but it doesn't ever come up on this board.

        1. Yep:

          Ledoyen (rent the place out on a Saturday), they also have the park that surrounds the pavillion; Laperouse, for its sultry, beautiful period rooms; and the Bristol, Meurice, or Prince de Galles for a hotel option.

          1. One of my best friends had his evening wedding reception at Le Pre Catelan in the Bois de Bologne. It was perfect. A beautiful setting with excellent food and wonderful service.