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Aug 19, 2006 11:57 PM

suggestions for cardamom?

Cardamom is my favorite spice, but no recipes (that I can think of off the top of my head, anyway) highlight it-- rather, they always mask its flavors with other spices.

Does anyone have recipes that truly highlight cardamom (both green and black)?

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  1. Use it in ice cream or custards. If you have ground, whisk it in with the eggs and sugar; if you have seeds, steep them in the milk/cream. I also really like cardamom in carrot cake.

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      The carrot cake I've made for some friends' wedding cakes substitutes ground cardamom for the cinnamon and clove, chopped pistachios for any other nuts, and chopped candied ginger for raisins. And I make a white chocolate-cream cheese buttercream and add a couple of tablespoons of rose water. Do this to your favorite carrot cake recipe and you will swoon.

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        Do you ever roast the whole cardamom before steeping in the milk or cream? (Or better not roasted?) Any fave flavor pairings in ice cream?

      2. Many Swedish sweet breads, most notably St. Lucia buns, are flavoured with cardamom. Great with coffee.

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          I had some *years* ago at a Swedish/Norweigian store in Portland, and I hadn't seen it since...I found the addition of cardamom to be rather unusual-- cardamom wasn't something I would've thought was native to Scandinavian countries.

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              I always thought it seemed odd too. But it's also very common in Finnish baking.

          1. Google "Pulla". Its a traditional Finnish coffee bread (not cake, an eggy bread that goes with coffee.)

            Its what I use my cardamom seeds for. Its why I own a mortar and pestle. Its what we take in addition to anything for a potluck, so the organizers can have it for breakfast the next morning...and it makes a mean french toast (if it isn't gone by that first day).

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              Yes, pulla! Pulla french toast is the best. You can also add cardamom to butter cookies. Look in Beatrice Ojakangas's baking books.

              This Cardamom Poppy Seed Cake is good too:

              Cardamom ice cream is nice - try it over plum cobbler.

            2. There's a pilaf dish that I found in an Ismael Merchant cookbook that features whole cardamom pods. It's a simple one with the card. and some peppercorns sizzled in the oil before adding the rice. I also add some chopped onions. It also has some chopped pecans added to the mix. The cardamom flavor comes through here.

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                The boxed (Casbah?) nutted rice pilaf has cardamom in it.

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                  My mom makes something similar from the Australian Women's Weekly cookbook for Indian cooking. It's basmati rice with whole cardamom pods and cumin seeds, pistachios and onions. It's my comfort food.

                2. Just remembered. There's a Charlie Trotter recipe for beef stew with potatoes, celery root and parsnips in which cardamom is the only spice. Very tasty. Can scan and send the script if you post your e-mail address (why, oh, why doesn't this site let us send personal or e-mail messages without eternally exposing ourselves to spammers?) or, if you're willing to wait until my work load lightens, I can post a summary.

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                  1. re: carswell

                    I welcome any and all recipes:

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                      could i ask you to post the recipe on home cooking please!

                      1. re: kare_raisu

                        Will do but probably not until later this week. Will post an pointer here when the recipe is up.

                      2. re: carswell

                        As promised, here's the recipe.


                        - Preheat oven to 350F.
                        - In a roasting pan, combine 1 cup chopped CELERY, 1 cup chopped CARROTS, and 2 cups chopped YELLOW ONIONS. Coat with 2 tablespoons CANOLA OIL. Roast, stirring occasionally, until caramelized, about 10 minutes.
                        - Put 20 crushed green CARDAMOM pods in a piece of cheesecloth and tie with kitchen string to make a bundle.
                        - Season 1 pound cubed STEWING BEEF with salt and pepper. Add it to the roasting pan with 1 head GARLIC halved crosswise, the cardamom bundle, and 6 cups MEAT STOCK. Cover the pan and bake until the beef is very tender, 2 to 3 hours. Remove the cardamom bundle and garlic. Correct seasoning.

                        ROOT VEGETABLES
                        - About 1 hour before the meat has finished cooking, peel the root vegetables and cut into a large dice; you'll need 2 cups POTATOES, 1 cup CELERY ROOT, and 1 cup PARSNIPS. Put the vegetables in a bowl and coat with 2 tablespoons OLIVE OIL.
                        - Spread on a baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper. Roast until golden brown, about 45 minutes.

                        TO SERVE
                        Mound the roasted root vegetables in the centre of 4 shallow soup bowls. Spoon in the stew. Garnish with freshly ground black pepper.

                        - Adapted from *Charlie Trotter Cooks at Home*