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My experience at Gordon Ramseys

ponocat Aug 19, 2006 11:55 PM

I ate at Ramseys on Royal Hospital Road and experienced some absolutely wonderful dishes and some that were disappointing.

The Good:
The amuse bouche was unique: a small potato "sandwich" -- a cream cheese & chive mixure between two thin slices of potato. I hadn't ever had potato that was crispy, flat and non-oily like that so I asked how it was done. I haven't tried it yet, but they siad the slices are baked at 160 C for 14 minutes between two heavy plates. The absolutley most wonderful dish I have had in a long time was frogs' legs served tempural style, sauced with an artichoke cream. Meltingly delicious.

The Bad:
The most disappointing part of the meal was roast suckling pig. It was greasy and had huge chucks of fat. Also, the fois gras dish wasn't up to standard; it was the most fibrous I've had.

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  1. w
    WineTravel RE: ponocat Sep 7, 2006 01:59 PM

    I think this is the most overrated place in town. Is the winelist still as outrageuosly priced as it was a couple of years ago? Really no reason to go back here.

    On the other hand, I had a really nice meal at his place in Claridge's Hotel. Nicer room, better food, better wine list.

    1. e
      Evvy RE: ponocat Sep 11, 2006 09:56 PM

      Agree with WineTravel. Stay away. If you really must be close to the famious name, try Angela Hartnett or Boxwood.

      1. loobcom RE: ponocat Sep 19, 2006 08:59 PM

        I am with you on Angela or Marcus but Boxwood?

        All three are currently featuring deeply discounted deals on www.toptable.co.uk surely the restaurant equivalent of remaindering a book title at W H Smiths

        1. TexasToast RE: ponocat Sep 19, 2006 10:04 PM

          I've had a potato sandwich like that before (not there). GR was closed for renovation over the summer. Apparently, pigs are his thing, so I'm surprised to hear that.


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