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Aug 19, 2006 11:41 PM

europane bakery on colorado

how is it currently?

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    1. Overrated. Croissants and sandwiches are decent, but not worth a trip for non-locals.

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      1. A friend of mine raves about this place. I finally went there last week and I thought it was just so-so. It's a fine sandwich shop, but the ambiance is lacking. Hardly any place to sit. Tables and chairs are rundown - a bit messy and unorganized.

        1. This isn't about appearances. It's about comfort and food that is good. Try quiche, frittata, rolls, etc. Try the turkey or other sandwiches. The coffee is real good. Get a paper cup of the coffee for $1.85 with seemingly unlimited refills. It's a very good blend, tasting much better than say your typical overpriced, no refill Americano elsewhere.

          1. Pastries are at least very good and sometimes, like the time I asked for a custard tart- the one with fresh raspberries baked in the custard and I was told that a new batch had just come out of the oven and that I'd have to wait about 10 minutes, well with a cup of their excellent dark roast coffee it was the best sweet that I have ever tasted!!! I have had great pastries in L.A., San Francisco, New Orleans, Manhattan, Paris and Lyon. Many were great but none were quite as memorable as that simple custard tart!

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              You are sooo right about the custard tart...and the coffee as well. Sumi(sp?)is wonderful and always there and will tell you what is exra good that day(depending on the quality of the fruit)...I have found that the lemon squares are the best in SoCal and the chocolate tart is something I dream about. I can't say everything is wonderful at Europane but most are...and this is from someone who is there three times a week...usually for my bowl of homemade granola(the best!) with fruit and yogurt.