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Aug 19, 2006 11:41 PM

Where did Pastrami Queen go?

Went to the Met today and noticed that an old fave, Pastrami Queen is gone (as is most of the block!). Does anyone know if they have relocated? It's hard to find good delicatessen in this part of town.

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  1. They're relocating several blocks south on Lexington. I don't remember how far down, exactly, but it's on the east side of the street. When I passed by on the bus, I saw a sign in the window, announcing the pending opening of this new location.

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    1. re: Deenso

      Just walked by it this AM, it's now located between 79th and 78th on Lexington.

      1. re: TryThis

        Pastrami Queen is open. I had a pastami sandwich on Saturday. Yum! Lots of menu choices. Only a few tables inside to sit and eat.

    2. I ordered a quarter pound of pastrami and ate it within three blocks of the store. It's unquestionably excellent, though not in the exalted class of its progenitor, the original Pastrami King on Queens Boulevard.

      1. The original comment has been removed