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Aug 19, 2006 11:34 PM

Questions on a couple of Australian whites

I had a St. Margaret River wine which I think was a sauvignon blanc-semillion mix. Does anyone have more info such a wine?

Also, I tasted a wine whose name was "Suckfizzle." (I am not kidding.) I liked it too, but I lost my notes about it and wonder if anyone has more info or an opinion on it.

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  1. Margaret River is generally considered the top wine region on Australia's west coast. It's located south of Perth.

    Have never tried Suckfizzle but it's made by Stella Bella winery. The white is -- ta-da! -- a blend of sauvignon blanc and semillon.

    Many Bordeaux whites are sauvignon blanc and semillon blends, by the way. The sauvignon provides raciness, the semillon roundness.

    1. <cue Twilight Zone theme>

      I rarely read wine magazines but yesterday bought a copy of the August 2006 issue of Decanter as documentation for a job I'm working on. Turns out it contains "Raising Margaret," a feature on Margaret River by James Lawther. And the full-page photo opposite the first page of the article shows a woman wearing a Stella Bella t-shirt: "Former Devil's Lair winemaker Jamie McDonald is half the brains behind the Stella Bella, Suckfizzle and Skuttlebutt brands."

      The article also contains a short profile of the winery, from which comes the following quote: "The Suckfizzle (named after a Rabelais character) Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon are single-vineyard wines from 'the most southerly vineyard on the continent' and express a cool, refined character." The 2005 Suckfizzle white is rated four (out of a possible five) stars and described as having "lovely grassy, minerally, passion fruit flavours. Good depth of fruit with a note of waxy complexity. Drink now."