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Aug 19, 2006 10:57 PM

Trip from Athens to Orlando through Macon. Quick, Sunday eats

Making a trip from Athens through Macon and south Georgia and on to Orlando. Just looking for a good place to stop for lunch. More than likely, from a late start, the probably time for lunch would be in Macon. Unfortunately this little road trip will be made on a Sunday so I'm pretty sure that knocks some great places I've seen on the boards like H&H and Nu-Way. I would have loved to stop at those places but I'm pretty sure they are closed on Sundays. So any suggestions for a rather thrifty lunch, something simple in Macon or surrounding area would be great, but they would have to be open on Sundays.

I've already spent some time in Athens so I'm looking for lunch elsewhere. Just for additional info heading from Athens to Macon by way of the 129 and then the I75 straight shot to Orlando. If there are any places just south of Macon, they would also probably work.

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  1. Many of the best bbq joints in Macon are open for lunch on Sunday, including Fincher’s, Fresh Air, and Pig in a Pit.

    If you want a southern buffet for lunch, there is an Ole Times Country Buffet along route 129 on the northside of Macon that you will pass on your trip.