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Aug 19, 2006 10:28 PM

What's the name of the other new place in Culver City?

Not Ford's Filling Station or Tender Greens........I plan to catch a movie & want to try something new.......

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  1. Are you thinking of Wilson's in the MODAA Building on Washington, somewhat east of "downtown" Culver City?

    Or Beacon (which is not all that new anymore), near the Helms Bakery Building on Washington.

    You *could* walk to the movie from either of these but it would be probably almost a mile, as opposed to blocks from either Ford's or Tender Greens. Other places closer to the theatre, would be Bistro de la Hermitage (french), Kaizuka (decent Japanese) or Double Dutch Dinette (a menagerie of cuisine, sort of like the old Menagerie, as a matter of fact).

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    1. re: NAspy

      Yes, Wilson's! Thanks so much....... do you know if its any good first hand? I'll check the board now that I've got the name.......

      1. re: dotrat

        I posted on it sometime in late July -- we have had a couple lunches and one dinner there. I preferred lunch to dinner, but we are definitely going to go back and try the tasting menu.

        Prices are quite high, the service is excellent and the staff are really friendly.

    2. There's Kaizuka which is Japanese/Sushi on Culver between the Starbucks and Santa Maria BBQ. Wilson is also new but it's not in downtown CC, it's just past the Helms Bakery complex on Washington. The only other new restaurant I can think of is Cafe Ugo, the "Italian" joint on Cardiff.