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Aug 19, 2006 10:10 PM

Sichuan Delight redwood city

anyone been here, what do you think?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Have not been back with a group to try a lot of dishes, but this a place where I get a great bowl of noodle soup. My current favorite is a bowl of Red Braised Beef Stew Soup Noodles. A flavorful and so what spicy soup great on a cold day.

      On the white board there are some specials with three dishes and a bottle of wine for about 40 dollars for two. But have not given them a try. Too much food for one person. These specials have been not just Sichuan style dishes.

      1. re: yimster

        I'm going to have to try it out - I never paid any attention to that place before, since I think it's just a fast food Chinese place -

        1. re: sandrachang

          So I've been there twice now - once I did take out, and yesterday went with my hubby and son. A couple of general notes - they seem to do alot more togo service than sit down (at least at dinner) - the service was slow due to there being one waitress. I tried to order off the Sichuan ala carte items, rather than the regular menu. The first time I ordered
          Seafood Deluxe Soup,
          S&P Pork Ribs,
          Sauteed Bok Choy (the vege of the day),
          Fish Filet with Black Black Bean Sauce, and
          Stir Fried Bean Threads with Ground Pork

          -The soup was good flavored and had plenty of seafood - would and did order again.
          -The S&P Pork Ribs were not that great - not fried enough, and kind of bland.
          -Vegetables were fine
          -The fish filets were fine, nothing to write home about
          - The Bean threads (mi fun) with Ground pork were spicy - but probably not the greatest dish to have togo - by the time I got home to eat it, it was a big blob of noodles.

          Yesterday, we ordered the Seafood Soup again, and my hubby agreed that it was good - I asked the waitress for recommendations, and she recommended the Sichuan Smoked Pork - it was a little like bacon, with black beans and red peppers, and leeks. It was a little salty, but I'm assuming it was due to the smoked pork. The pork itself was well flavored, but it wasn't smoky.

          We also got some stir fried green beans, which he did dry, with some kind of seasoning that I don't know, but it was tasty.

          The Fish and Soft Tofu in Hot Sauce was really salty - the dish included bean sprouts, tofu, and fish filets - but for some reason, the fish was really salty, which, since it was following the smoked pork, made the dinner seem highly seasoned. I didn't ask, but hopefully no MSG was used - if I was to get this again, I would ask to ease up on the salt.

          So the soup and 3 dishes, with rice, came to ~$40, which for Chinese food, is expensive - they also offer steamed whole fish, but at $19, we passed on that.

          The other note is that both times I tried to order the Braised Lion's Head Meatballs, but they said both times that they were 'out' - is this a dish that has to be specially ordered? Is there another restaurant that this is really good?

    2. We go there a lot, since in Redwood City there aren't many good Chinese. Overall it's pretty good. They do have some good noodle soup dishes. I've tried the braised beef noodle, the picked vegetable and pork noodle and the Da Lou noodles. I wouldn't recommend the last one, otherwise the first two were good.

      Their lunch menu are pretty standard stuff, but mostly done really well.

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      1. re: OnceUponABite

        3 year update

        Had dinner from here tonight, just out of wanting something different. The execution isn't bad in general, and prices are good, but actual dishes are a shadow of their correct selves.

        Take the cumin lamb. No green peppers. No cumin. Really just the same generic hot oil and some greens tossed in to make it look different.

        The scallion pancakes were nearly devoid of scallion. Pretty easy to put scallion in pancakes.

        Chonquin Chicken is also a shadow of its glorious self elsewhere. The chicken should have larger pieces, and the outside crisp should be permeated with a light array of hot oil, but the inside should be succulent. Here, the pieces are small, the entire dish was liberally sprinkled with too much hot oil, the insides were dry.

        I would expect they might do a good boiled beef, or a sichuan noodle.

        If I'd cut them some slack, it was the monday chef. Maybe the thursday or friday chef is better.

        Given the excellent Chinese we have in Crouching Tiger, and the myriad choices in San Mateo and from PA south, I don't see any reason to come here. Unless the kids are at Chuck E Cheese for a birthday. Not a destination by any means.

        Sichuan Delight
        2525 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA

        Crouching Tiger
        2644 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

        1. re: bbulkow

          Here's the discussion thread on Sichuan Delight from 10 months ago with more ideas on what to order.

          Sichuan Delight
          2525 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I went there with family and friends about two months ago. The food was pretty good. My parents usually go to this place and share the spicy beef noodle soup for lunch. They've been complaining that it's gone up in price.

            I don't remember everything we had but we did order the spicy cold tendons, the water cooked beef, a tea-smoked duck, some broiled shrimp, lion's head, a fish steamed with ginger and scallions, twice cooked pork.

            I liked the tendons. The beef was really good and is something we always order. We finagled some noodles on the side and poured the sauce on the noodles. A hit. The duck was good and the lion's head surprised me -- excellent texture and flavor. The other stuff didn't interest me as much. While my mother likes twice-cooked pork, I'm indifferent. The shrimp were boring. The fish was standard fare -- good but not mind blowing.

            I've only been to Crouching Tiger once. Based on that one, limited experience, I can't advocate one restaurant over the other. CT definitely is better appointed. The other thing is at Sichuan Delight, you can look into the kitchen and my father, who is from Chengdu, usually chats around with whomever is back there. So we might get better fare because of it.

            Sichuan Delight
            2525 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA

            Crouching Tiger
            2644 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

            1. re: fishhead

              Ok, I'll try a couple more dishes, maybe on a non-monday.
              My ability to impersonate a father from Chengdu is limited, however.