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Aug 19, 2006 10:00 PM

Good Food in Sacramento

Pardon my ignorance but this gal doesn't get to Sacto too often. I was "offered" a business trip to a sales conference next week. I need one place for dinner on Wednesday night for a gal dining alone.

Would love to find a place serving local food of any ilk or great Mexican.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Our local food is fresh produce..fresh, fresh, fresh!!

      You are lucky to get to come to Sacto!

      I did a review of The Waterboy on this thread..a ways down. Of course I'd recommend that place in midtown. Perfecto.

      Where will you be staying? Downtown? Lots of great options in that area. Let us know what area you will want to dine in.

      Also, a few posts down- Nancy Berry posted an article by a food writer(Marlena Spieler) from the SF Chronicle who had some great ideas about where to eat in Sac. Her family lives here.

      1. Ciaogina,

        I often have to travel to Sacto on business so I am always on the lookout for good local (not chain) restaurants. I recently had an excellent meal (and time) and Enotria. The wine selection is good (lots of flights available) and the food was better than average. It's a small local restaurant on(help me out here) Del Paso?

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          Amen to Enotria. We had a wonderful New Years Eve dinner there. Yep..on Del Paso. It doesn't look like much from the front...also had a very nice patio.

        2. Well, Sacto is more than a one traffic light town. In order for me to give advice, I need to know where you will be staying and will you have a car.

          1. Yeah...but they have not changed their menu since April. I called Enotria a week ago and asked why...was told they've had some "troubles"...