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Aug 19, 2006 09:37 PM

Good Bar/Bites on Danforth?

I'm hitting the Danforth tonite with a friend. Anybody recommend a place with good beer and good food? A nice pub, or something somewhat casual.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I love "Allen's" located at 143 Danforth Ave. Great food, and extensive beer list. Nice patio too...although it IS raining right now...

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    1. re: starvin

      Weird, this is where I actually went! There was supposed to be a "blackout" evening - no electricity, acoustic musical set - but it ended up there was a Scottish wedding happening on the back patio instead.

      At least I got to see the groomsmen line up across Danforth Ave and lift their kilts for a wedding album photo.. made up for the lack of a (gorgeous, I hear) patio ;)

    2. Has anyone been to th Court Jester on the Danforth? Ive been curious about that one. Although, Allens is THE best on the Danforth, and in my opinion one of the best pubs in toronto.

      1. court jester is pretty gross. the food and drink are okay - they have board games which are a plus - I do love the scrabble - the usual old browning limes in my gin and tonic I've come to expect. But what I couldn't get over was how dingy, dirty, dark and damp the place was - it smelled like a mildewy basement.