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Breakfast in Huntsville

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Sat. morning I find myself in town. Any good recommendations--I'm open to almost anything, although nothing too pricey.


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    1. No problem.
      I go there 4 times a year to visit family. I don't often eat out for breakfast so I'll ask my brother in law.

      I did eat lunch at Wild Rose Cafe by the court house. It was very good and I know they have breakfast.


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        I asked the BIL and he said that Big Spring Cafe and Little Rosies are his choices. I like LR but he's addicted to it. So don't quote me on that.


      2. Rollo's
        or for a dive, either
        Big Spring Cafe - home of the best Krystal like little burgers in the world
        Little Farm Cafe

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          Thanks for the sugesstions so far.

          Somone told me there was a good bfast restaurant in the 5 points area, although I'm blanking on the freaking name.

        2. Mullins, but its not the greatest.

          1. Eunice's wass there, but it is closed.

            1. I think I might give Little Rosie's a try. Do you know which portion of the city it is in? I'll be coming from Hampton Cove.

              Thanks everyone.

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                Little Rosies is just off Airport, east of the parkway near Ruby Tuesdays (Or Fridays, not sure which one it is) and Publix. If I'm not mistaken, it's just over the mountain from Hampton Cove.


              2. Mullins for fried bologna and eggs!

                1. Found it on Saturday. I liked it pretty well. I had the bean and sausage bfast quesedilla and some breakfast potatoes. I would go back if in the area again: thanks for the rec!