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Aug 19, 2006 08:45 PM

Italian food in the Marina

Hey I'm looking for a great italian restaurant in the Marina area tonight. Something that wont break my wallet, but is a great value for the quality of food. Any recs?? Thanks in advance!

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  1. imho, there is no great italien food in the marina area.
    try going north to santa monica or brentwood.

    1. For VERY casual and inexpensive Italian, you could try Alejo's, on Washington and Lincoln (in the mini-mall). Personally, I like Alejo's more for take-out rather than eat-in, because it gets pretty crowded. It's very "red sauce" italian. I like their chopped salads alot, as well as the seafood marinara.

      4002 Lincoln Blvd
      Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

      There's also Antica Pizzaria, in the mall where the movie theater is on Maxella. This place gets mixed reviews on chowhound, but they are one of the few places in LA that serves authentic neopolitan-style pizza.

      Antica Pizzeria
      13455 Maxella Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
      2nd Floor Marina Villa Marketplace (same floor as movie theater)
      (310) 577-8182

      As another poster noted, for more upscale and finer quality Italian, you'll have to head to Santa Monica or West Los Angeles. One of the best Italian places in town is on the border of SM/West LA, Valentino.

      On Montana, in Santa Monica, I like Locanda Portofino, although be warned, it can be pricey.

      Locanda Portofino
      1110 Montana Ave
      Santa Monica

      1. Try Sapori, in Fisherman's Village. We've been several times... the food is very tasty, the chef is actually Italian, and the service is usually very good.

        1. has anyone been to fioretto lately? Is it still around? It was raved, then reamed a while back around these parts....

          1. C & O is good and it has 2 locations on Washington by the water and after Abbot Kinney.