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Aug 19, 2006 08:42 PM

Onion Cake like at House of Nanking

Is there someplace out here where I can get something like this?
with the peanut butter?

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  1. i believe these are called "scallion pancakes" here and can be found at many Chinese places...Chinese Islamic had a good one IICRC

      1. oh and they don't come with the "peanut butter" -- that's a nanking "innovation"

        1. what is this peanut butter on scallion cakes?

          where is this house of nanking?

          mandarin deli (four locations) has the scallion cakes (congyoubing -TSung- You- Bing) and is quite reasonable. I once had a peanut butter sauce on noodles substituting for a traditional toasted sesame paste sauce. to be kind, it was not to my taste. But people at this place in Santa Cruz loved it.

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            House of Nanking is on Kearny St. in San Francisco Chinatown. It's probably the most consistently busy restaurant in San Francisco Chinatown with long lines of waiting diners most of the time. It is also almost devoid of Chinese diners, so I don't think it's anything you'd be interested in.

          2. oh! I have to have the peanut butter. GO TO NANKING RIGHT NOW JEROME. :)

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            1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

              Q Noodles in San Gabriel Square, Arcadia, and Rowland Heights have surprisingly good scallion pancakes. My wife from Hong Kong has lived here for a year and those are the only ones she has liked. I have never heard of peanut butter on onion pancakes--maybe kind of like cream cheese in sushi?