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Aug 19, 2006 08:25 PM

The Blendor Fix!

My Waring Blendor was leaking, the original gasket that came with it was worn out and cracked. No one in town had a replacement for Warings, just Osters. We checked on line and yeah we could get it but had to buy the blade which we did not need and pay more in shipping than the the parts. Went out to Lowes just to see and we ended up talking with a guy in plumbing, housewares sent us over to him. He found one gasket but it was the wrong size. I mentioned that thickness did not matter since we were screwing the jar down onto the the gasket we had a little wiggle room. His suggestion was a square of neoprene for .98 + tax. It came to $1.03. My DH cut it to fit and it works perfectly, no more leaks! The Lowes guy said that is what plumbers use when they need to cut a gasket to a specific size and it will last years longer than the original. One caveat, don't lose the old one or throw it away until you have traced it onto the neoprene square. The square was big enough to make two from so I can have a spare.

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  1. That's what comes from letting the ladies in the hardware store. A guy would have just wrapped it with duct tape.

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      Well I had thought I would just put a barrier of plastic wrap to insulate the leakage but this works so well, I am sure the mfg would not like us to know about the easy fix. As you can tell I am tickled. I can make my coffee frappes tomorrow without a mess all over the counter top and I don't have to wait for something to arrive e-mail order.

      1. re: Candy

        I especially hate it when the shipping is more than the item I need.