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Aug 19, 2006 07:53 PM

Hatfield's; Providence; Table 8; Ammo

Any word on these restaurants for nice dinner for two?

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  1. I have eaten at Providence, Table 8 and Ammo. Providence is one of my favorite restaurants in town (in a huge seafood fan) and for an exquisite seafood meal go there and have the 12 course tasting menu. I think that doing the tasting menu is the only way to go at Providence.

    I havent eaten at Table 8 in over a year but the last time i ate there the food was excellent and i was very impressed.

    Ammo, i am not a fan of. I think the food is rather average (although i have only eaten lunch there) and the menu is pretty boring.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: carln

      May I ask how much the tasting menu was? Is there an option for wine pairings?

      1. re: MareZeeDotes

        I believe the 7 course tasting menu is about $85 and the 12 course is about $115. They do offer it with wine pairings and the increase in price is about $30 or $40 bucks if you want it with wine.

        I feel that if you are going to eat at providence you really need to do the tasting menu. Michael C is such an artist that you cant fully enjoy his creations unless you try them all. It would be like going to Urazawa and ordering one my opinion.

        1. re: carln

          My first outing I did the tasting menu with the wine pairings ($145), and it was fabulous. Incredible food. That said, I did not enjoy the wines. I felt they added nothing to the food. One was particularly awful - it smelled too strongly of yeast. Next time, I will simply order a bottle. But don't miss the tasting menu by itself. It's hard to describe how incredible it is. Also, the staff treats you like royalty, and that goes a long way when you're plunking down $350 for dinner!

          1. re: Cecilbee

            Thanks for the heads up! $115 for a 12 course meal really isn't that bad at all. Good to know about the wine pairings too - I would have been so disappointed if they didn't accentuate the food and experience.

    2. As already posted several months ago, I am not the biggest fan of Providence, yet also did not have the tasting menu. Cannot eat that much.
      However, have had several VERY good meals at Hatfield's. Its not got the decor of either P'dence or Table 8, and in fact is done quite simply. However the food is wonderful, with about 5 entrees and 5 appetizers, plus fabulous desserts. They also tasting menus - $72 and $42. Not done either. Great wine list as well. Croque Madam is an amazing appetizer. Here is the menu for your review:

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      1. re: carter

        The Providence Tasting Menu isn't that much food, portions are small and very good.
        We went to Hatfield's with a Group last week and shared almost everything on the Menu. I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the Appys, most were rather tasteless.
        The Mains were better but the Lamb Rack was gamey, Flat Iron Steak was very tender, Chicken breast was delicate, the Halibut was very good also. Desserts were average.
        Service was excellent. Overall a decent experience but probably won't return. Too many other better Places in the same area. ANGELINI OSTERIA for instance.

        1. re: russkar

          The appy I like best is the croque madam, although the warm summer salad has a nice blend of flavors, yet it is not a definitive work in any way, but quite tasty.
          Had not seen the menu in a while, and found several items no longer available when last there, yet the halibut, bass and duck items - all wonderful - were still on the list. I prepare lamb at home at least as well and thus it becomes less an allure in a restaurant unless it really sounds exotic. Hangar steak is just not my thing.
          The desserts menu at the moment is quite uninteresting, except for the panna cotta, as I do not eat chocolate and the beignets are not all that interesting, concept notwithstanding.
          Also, the wine list represents good variation with wines you might never have tasted, yet would love to drink again, and they seem affordable by neighborhood standards.
          I like its casualness, as opposed to the attitude and noise factor at Angelini, and I'm not the world's great fan of Italian food any way.

          1. re: carter

            Sounds like we agree on Hatfield's and sorry you don't like noisy Italian , the killer food at ANGELINI drowns out the noise. The Patio can be pleasent. Back to Hatfield's ,Wine list is OK but not up to the "brought in wines". We still bought from the list as a courtesy.

      2. I have been a fan of Ammo, but it's more an everyday type of experience. I like the lentil salad & the burger, and their pizza is pretty good, but am a bit turned off recently by the sometimes indifferent service.

        It is not on the same level as Providence--lots more there to choose from, attentive service, very innovative menu (some think too innovative), love the chowda:

        Haven't yet tried the other 2.

        Please report back.

        1. I love AMMO, but it is simply not in the same league as the other restaurants discussed here. And they do not try to be. AMMO does an enormous lunch/brunch business for industry types that are working over a meal, as well as maintaining a tiny waiste line. There food is more health/organic oriented, and as a result obviously makes them vastly different than the other restaurants listed. That being said, we go there often for lunch and find the food and service consistently excellent. (And MUCH cheaper than the rest, also.)

          1. I know they offer a wine pairing with the tasting menu at Providence (*love* that place!) But what about at Hatfield's? If so, how much? Anyone done the tasting menu there? Better ordering a la carte?