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Restaurant in Trastevere

Would like recommendations for best restaurants in Trastevere. Will be there in September with my 2 adult children

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  1. My Roman friends rave about "Le Mani in Pasta", via dei Genovesi,37. It opened after I moved back, so I've never been there. If you like fish (but not just), I recommend "Ripa 12", Via di San Francesco in Ripa, 12. One of the most memorable meals I ever ate in Rome.

    1. I had one of the most memorable meals of my LIFE at Spirito Di Vino.

      It's a slow food place, so make sure you have time and that you are hungry. I mistakenly went there on my last night in Rome, and I was SO tired, and I really was too tired for the experience...but it was amazing.

      The owner is hilarious. We asked for a wine list, and he plunked a huge binder on our table and laughed. It was the biggest wine list I had ever seen. He sent over their great sommelier though.

      I recall the location being very historical too...


      1. I can second Spirito in Vino, I was there my last trip to Rome and am sorry that I didn't know about it when I lived there. It actually started out as a wine bar with a little bit of food. Now it's very much a restaurant with an extensive wine list. The food is very good and a cut above the normal Roman food. It's on the Vicolo dell'athleta near Santa Cecilia.

        1. The best I know of in Trastevere is Ripa 12 on via de San Francesco. Not fancy, just real good fish. Also, we enjoyed Gino at 85 Via della Lungaretta.

          1. One more choice since you will be with adult children. This is the very special Antico Arco Roma, on Piazzale Aurelio, on Janiculum Hill. Perhaps one of top 10 in Rome. We walked there from our hotel, up a steep staircase which appeared to be a road on the map ( typical for Italy) then on a winding road. Finally the restaurant atop the hill. I would recommend a taxi. I would definitely go back. Desk clerk can easily make you a reservation.

            1. I just spent several days in Trastevere and went to a few really good places recommended by a friend who lived there. Dar Poeta on Vicolo del Bologna, 45/46 (Near Piazza della Scala) was so good we went twice! Da Fabrizio (Via S. Dorotea, 15) was incredible, especially the pasta with truffle sauce. Pizzeria San Calisto was good (right in Piazza San Calisto off of Piazza Santa Maria del Trastevere), but not as good as Dar Poeta.

              And, even though it's a chain, I thought the gelato at Blue Ice in Piazza Santa Maria was the best I had in Rome.

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                I just had a fantastic bruschetta and pizza at dar poeta. The best pizza i've had in rome so far (and the 3rd or 4th place i tried). Also had a liter of the house red wine which at 8 euro was a great value. The restaurant was jam packed and the servers seemed a bit frazzled, but I knew it wouldn't be a high dining experience. The pizza was great. The crust was crunchy and chewey, and the sauce and cheese was salty enough but not too salty. We had the Pizza Al Funghi and a Pizza Margherita.

                Dar Poeta
                Vicolo Bologna 45-46,, Rome, Lazio 00153, IT

              2. Spirito Di Vino? A great restaurant? I was so dissappointed. Service was barely adequate. Starters were great, though I had a filet and it was one of the fattiest pieces of meat I've ever had. My companion had the signature pork dish, which tasted odd. The staff barely acknowledged we were customers, which I don't know if this was because we didn't make a reservation? Was it because we were wearing blue jeans? This was the only restaurant in Rome where all of the staff were wearing jeans. I see and read about this great looking place, with burgundy walls, though the place must have been painted bright yellow, and it is not pleasing to the eye. Rachel Ray went here and claimed to spend 14 bucks. 2 starters, 2 first courses and a bottle of $30 wine (cheapest in the big book), cost us 130 US dollars. My worst dining experience in Rome hands down.

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                  Sorry to hear that you had such a disappointing experience. That's always the danger of making a rec.

                2. We went to Spirito di Vino in October this year. The walls are indeed bright yellow with white edging and ceiling. I loved it... but I love yellow :-)

                  I loved the staff. The food was good but not great. Wines were excellent. We visited the cellar.

                  The only thing that I didn't really like is that EVERYONE eating there was American...

                  1. you must go to sale e peppe! it was great, the best meal I had in trastevere! excellent vino and appettito as well. it is right on viale di trastevere but im not sure the number

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                      Shtinky----Why is it a "negative" that everyone dining at Spirito di Vino was American????????????????????????????

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                          "Self-hatred"? That's silly. The reason it's a negative is because everything sounds better in Italian, up to and including other tables' conversations in restaurants _in Italy_.

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                          I can understand the comment. I go to Italy so that I can experience the culture and this certainly includes dining out. I like to be among Italians when at a restuarant in Italy; to me it's part of the experience. I don't find it a negative when there are a lot of Americans at a restaurant, but I do enjoy being one of the only ones amid Italians. Just a preference...I'm not a "self-hater."

                      1. "Le Mani in Pasta" served the only standout food we had during five days in Rome, despite our having taken care to eat at several highly TripAdvisor-rated (but not expensive) restaurants. Our meal there was simple yet amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat. Don't be offended if they are persistent about steering you toward the daily specials; they really know what they are doing.

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                          hope you will share what the good dishes were that you had.as well as what places disappointed.

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                            Wow, only one standout meal in five days. Sorry to hear that.

                          2. We had a very good experience at Trattoria di Romolo. I'll attach the link to Trip Advisor. The restaurant has everything you could ask for:

                            -History as Raphael used to be a regular and Michelangelo visited once as well. The menu has a great story about the history of the place.

                            -A beautiful patio for outdoor dining.

                            -Outstanding food. I had the carbonara followed by the veal and both were outstanding. The lemon butter sauce was by far the best I had in Italy (and I ate A LOT of veal while I was there including the brains in Florence). My fiance had the porcini pasta followed by roast lamb and she felt it was the best she had in Rome.

                            I know it doesn't get a lot of attention on this board, but I'd consider it as a nice place to try sometime. It crushed everywhere else we tried in the city including some of the more popular recommendations on the board.

                            I know you already went, but maybe someone else reads this thread and gives it a shot. I'm confident they won't be disappointed.


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                              It sound lovely but is this actually in Trastevere as it seems to be near the Castello san Angelo according to the map on Tripadvisor?

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                                That's the wrong Romolo. It's Romolo nel Giardino della Fornarina, and it's definitely in Trastevere, not far from the Ponte Sisto. The one time I went with friends, I was not as impressed as Db Cooper.


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                                  Good Old Tripadvisor always renowned for getting things right!

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                                    I'll take the blame for the wrong link. I was in a touch of a hurry and didn't pay as much attention as I should have.

                                    As always, every restaurant will have it's supporters and detractors. After comparing several posts that Zerlina has written and comparing my experiences, we have different tastes/philosophies regarding restaurants. Not that one of us is right and the other is wrong, we are just different in what we like and don't like.

                                    In my opinion, it is worth inclusion if you are going to be dining in Trastevere.

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                                      We rented an apt in Trastevere last fall and felt like we were in a Greenwich Village or Left Bank equivalent - lots and lots of restaurants filled with to overflowing with young people and tourists, not the sort f neighborhood where one expects to eat well without knowing the restauranteur or special knowledge. the more info the better, pro and con, in this sort of area since it can be so difficult.

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                                        BTW, I should note a major difference between my experience at Romolo and Zerlina's:

                                        I was dining with my fiance towards the end of a two week trip where we had gotten engaged in Venice. Zerlina was dining with friends. That alone can make a huge difference as atmosphere can play a big part in the dining experience. I'd put Romolo in the category of romantic restaurants, not a place to celebrate with a large group of friends. Just my opinion.

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                                          I was not there "to celebrate with a large group of friends"; I was there with two other people. Not romantic, admittedly, but also not in a raucous/boisterous group, as you seem to imply.

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                                            I was making a general statement there in regards to the restaurant, not the behavior of you or your group. In regards to you specifically, the only thing I wrote was "Zerlina was dining with friends." I'm not sure how that implies you were boisterous or raucous. A little sensitive today are we?

                                            As I'm sure you are aware, the situation in which you are dining (Romantic, Friends, Large Group, Family) creates totally different sets of expectations and impressions. That was part of the reason, I thought, we may have had different experiences. My theory is that Romolo works better as a romantic restaurant. But it is just a theory as I haven't dined there in a group and seeing as it's about a 13 hour flight from where I live, doubt I will testing it anytime soon.

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                                              I live here and have been having some problems with Rome (not only food, in general) lately. But a couple of days ago, hubby and I went out wandering the center for a couple of hours in the dark, and it all came back to me - the feeling you have when you are in Rome for the first time (or freshly arrived). It all looks different and you have different expectations and all at once, restaurants that I know I will not enjoy (anymore) today did look good in a certain way, for a certain mind-set.
                                              I guess what I am trying to say is, yes, there is a certain time to like and enjoy certain restaurants, and that is the good point of a forum like this - here anyone can give a better idea of what he is and thus get a bit more personal recommendations than just reading a guidebook.

                              2. Alle Fratte: This unassuming neighborhood restaurant located on Via Delle Fratte a few blocks east of Piazza St. Maria in trastevere, serves up fantastic pasta, bruschetta and grilled vegetables. It was recommended in Fodors, and it is clear from the international diners crowding the outdoor tables that the word is out to travelers, but we could hear alot of italian being spoken as well, so it is not a tourist only place. The decor is nothing to write home about, but the food was great, the service friendly and attentive, and the price very reasonable.

                                We ate the Pene Pomodoro and the Gnocci with a tomato sauce that was tinted toward orange with the addition of cheese. Both were great. The gnocci was the standout among them. We started with some amazing grilled vegetables and a wonderful Bruscetta Fagiole.


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                                  I sure do hope you did not have Pene Pomodoro, lol!
                                  Penne, gnocchi, bruschetta....

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                                      Yes, make that ROFLMAO. I'm always made to feel like some sort of eccentric (at best) for being a stickler about spelling and pronunciation, but look what can happen if you're not careful.

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                                        ROFLMAO indeed. Just for this, this thread goes into my archive. Yes I also believe a minimum care about spelling goes a long way and also shows respect for the language.

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                                      Pene rigato sarebbe... well, ouch is enough.