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Aug 19, 2006 07:37 PM

Restaurant in Trastevere

Would like recommendations for best restaurants in Trastevere. Will be there in September with my 2 adult children

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  1. My Roman friends rave about "Le Mani in Pasta", via dei Genovesi,37. It opened after I moved back, so I've never been there. If you like fish (but not just), I recommend "Ripa 12", Via di San Francesco in Ripa, 12. One of the most memorable meals I ever ate in Rome.

    1. I had one of the most memorable meals of my LIFE at Spirito Di Vino.

      It's a slow food place, so make sure you have time and that you are hungry. I mistakenly went there on my last night in Rome, and I was SO tired, and I really was too tired for the experience...but it was amazing.

      The owner is hilarious. We asked for a wine list, and he plunked a huge binder on our table and laughed. It was the biggest wine list I had ever seen. He sent over their great sommelier though.

      I recall the location being very historical too...

      1. I can second Spirito in Vino, I was there my last trip to Rome and am sorry that I didn't know about it when I lived there. It actually started out as a wine bar with a little bit of food. Now it's very much a restaurant with an extensive wine list. The food is very good and a cut above the normal Roman food. It's on the Vicolo dell'athleta near Santa Cecilia.

        1. The best I know of in Trastevere is Ripa 12 on via de San Francesco. Not fancy, just real good fish. Also, we enjoyed Gino at 85 Via della Lungaretta.

          1. One more choice since you will be with adult children. This is the very special Antico Arco Roma, on Piazzale Aurelio, on Janiculum Hill. Perhaps one of top 10 in Rome. We walked there from our hotel, up a steep staircase which appeared to be a road on the map ( typical for Italy) then on a winding road. Finally the restaurant atop the hill. I would recommend a taxi. I would definitely go back. Desk clerk can easily make you a reservation.