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Aug 19, 2006 05:52 PM

Lower Cape Cod Recommendations

any suggestions for decent, not crazy priced restaurants in the lower Cape area (can be seafood or other)?

What about the best restaurants in P-town?

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  1. Wellfleet: PJ's, Wicked Oyster & Mac's Shack are my current favorites. PJ's is a traditional clam shack/ice cream place, the other two are regular wait-service restaurants.

    Truro: For a special meal try Terra Luna. I also like the Blacksmith Shop, especially in winter.

    P-town: On the very casual side, try Mojo's for lunch. Spiritus Pizza is also terrific. For a nicer meal I love Napi's but others are probably better on the topic.

    1. A fairly recent entry (by Cape Cod standards) Susan has been in business about 3 years. Pieces on Rt 28 in Chatham (near Harwich line)

      Sue Colins is a Shrewsbury, MA native with nice credentials. "Coastal Cuisine" is the theme and she gets it right. The seafood/pasta combinations all work very well. Linguine Vongole worth a trip on its own. Steamed muscles complex with a hint of a Portugese treatment but light enough to be an app. First rate alfredo, usually something adventurous with scallops.

      She has also worked to get an economical wine list in place without relying on boring distribution wines. Malbecs from Argentina and some lesser known Iberian Reds mean some very intersting choices at $22-28.

      Support Sue. I have been waiting for this level of cuisine mid-Cape for +20 years.

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      1. re: neil

        I tried to support Pisces but the noise level was too great.

        1. re: phelana

          Was this on Saturday night that you went to Pisces? I was there too, a late reservation but the place was still packed. I thought the food was great but it was very noisy, absolutely true. However, I think that the majority of the din was coming from 3 inebriated ladies at a table inconvieniently placed right in the middle of the restaurant. Was this also your experience?

      2. I have been to Pisces 4 times and the tables by the windows are nice..the one they gave me was a two top near the was HORRID..I think there are simply too many tables in there..and I will not go back...none of my local friends dine there anymore..

        1. There are a lot of good restaurants in P-town, and while I haven't been there this year here are my favorites from last summer; Way Down Town where you can grab a slice of pizza to go or sit at the bar for a frozen drink; dine indoors or out on the porch for some more creative dishes; Euro Cafe where you can get a very reasonably priced grilled lobster with grilled corn on the cob and fries. Add a pitcher of sangria and while away the afternoon on the deck. Ross's Grill has a great wine list and interesting specials and Bayside Betsy's has fabulous lobster eggs benedict. Enjoy!!

          1. Chester is Provincetown is is Little Fluke Cafe if it's still there. Aesop's Tables upstair wine bar in Wellfleet is are the blueberry pancakes and muffins at the Lighthouse in Wellfleet. Also, you must get an egg and cheese with portugese sausage from the portugese bakery in P-town.