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Aug 19, 2006 05:45 PM

Loose Meat Sandwiches in Iowa

Besides Charley Boy's at Miles Tap in Sioux City and Canteens in Ottumwa, anyone know of any lunch counters or bars in Iowa known for their loose meats. (Of course, I already know about Maid Rite so no use telling me about those

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    1. ground beef fried on a griddle so that it is crumbly. It's like a sloppy joe but without the sauce. An Iowa thing, I think.

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        this is not what a maid rite is. It's steamed in a perf pan in a steam table. it's the steaming that gives it that mushiness that helps hold it together on the bun.

      2. In Des Moines George the Chili King serves a good one. They, and many others, refer to it as a beefburger. It's just ground beef spiced in whatever way an establishment wants. George uses a little of their chili in it. They serve Cincinnati style chili.
        I had never heard of them refered to as "loose meat sandwiches"
        until all the fuss about Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr opening a place that specialized in them.

        1. At Coney Islands in Detroit you either get a hot dog or a "loose"- loose meat hamburger in a hot dog bun, typically topped with chili, mustard and onions.

          1. Yeah I think everyine calls them "maid rites" regardless of where they come from. I had never had them until I married in to an "I" stater. I have had a few when visiting Illinois/Iowa-they seem to have in common: ground crumbled beef on a hamburger bun with kethup, mustard, pickle.some with raw onion. actually sounds good now.

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              Never heard of it called that before. We always said "loose meat" and I'm from Ohio.

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                In Greenville, Ohio, they have a Maid-Rite. It is not part of the "newer" chain. They are an independent store, with a different recipe. There is a bar down the street that serves what they call a "made wrong meat" sandwich, which, of course, is loose meat.

              2. re: lyn

                A Maid Rite does not include catsup. Mustard, pickle and onion. Having grown up near the original store in Muscatine, IA, we always heard stories about the secret ingredient. After hearing all of these, the closest I can come to recreating the Maid Rite taste is to add Coca-Cola during the steaming process. It seems to add a slight sweetness to the meat. Who knows if there was a secret ingredient. For anyone following this try to find an owner store rather that a franchise store. The meat for the franchise store is prepared off site and reheated (I think) which for me gives it a different taste. Enjoy an Iowa tradition!

                PS: If you end up at George the Chili King in Des Moines try the breaded tenderloin.