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Delicious Croissants

We got some frozen croissants from Williams Sonoma as a gift. I can't begin to tell you how fantastic they were. I didn't expect it...but they seriously tasted like fresh croissants that I'd enjoyed so much in Paris. They are not cheap but an excellent splurge. So flaky and light.

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  1. I believe that they are made in Marin county.

    1. did they arrive in the mail? frozen?

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        Frozen, ships overnight.

        Sounds strange. But $40 + taxes + $8.50 shipping for 24, that's more than $2 per, you're better off getting to delanghe or tartine in the morning.

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          More about the makers of those croissants:

          Perhaps you would save a few bucks ordering them direct?

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            Actually, that's $40 for fifteen (24 mini's). With shipping, these things cost more than $3 apiece. Of course, if they're nirvana, that's okay. I imagine a croissant at a good bakery in Paris would set you back a like amount these days.

        2. KA Bakers Catalogue also sells ccroissants by mail. Though quite dear, I've often been tempted...

          1. Do they sell these in every state? I didn't thin W-S did frozen food.


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              You can only buy them out of the catalogue, not (at least that I've seen) out of the freezer case at your local W-S.

            2. I had a wonderful croissant at a small cafe. They confessed that they buy them frozen from Gourmet & More. Since I paid about a dollar or so for it, the cost must be less than that.

              Croissant from Gourmet & More

              1. Croissants freeze so well that it is a great product to order if local options are not up to par.

                Here's another source:
                Made by Ceci-Cela, which is a small French patisserie here in NYC. One of the best croissants available here (which you can confirm in the many 'best croissant' threads on the Manhattan board). The prices are only very slightly more than in the patisserie -- good deal.

                1. I was looking into ordering two dozen from ceci-cela,but since I live in CA they were going to charge me $67 for shipping!

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                    Really? That's outrageous! They have a deal online with free ground shipping if you order over $99, which I assumed would apply, but I'm noticing that they require overnight shipping for croissants and I guess that costs a whole lot more. Sorry for a bum rec.

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                      Distance (because of time of travel, obviously) makes a HUGE difference in frozen food shipping costs, as opposed to something with a flat cost, like a book from Amazon.

                      When I was a college student in Miami I tried to order bagels from NYC, and the shipping was more than the order itself. (I ended up passing, and brought 2 doz. down myself in a duffel bag from Jersey on my next visit.)

                  2. Candy and I had a tasting of the WS croisssants this morning. I won't speak for her, but for me, these were better than any I've ever had in the U.S. Not equal to the best I've had in France, but close. With shipping, these cost out at a little less than $3 apiece. Pricey, but you can pay more for a lesser product. I suggest going in with a couple of friends for a Sunday morning croissant fest and decide for yourself if you want to fork out the money for these pastries. Hubby and I decided that, since they freeze so well, we can keep a box in the freezer for special treats.

                    1. I finally ordered the W-S croissants and baked some up this morning. I baked them for 15 minutes and they got deep golden brown. They were excellent, but I probably would like them even better cooked a few more minutes...the bottoms were still a little greasy. My family loved them as they were. We are fortunate to have an authentic French bakery near us that has excellent croissants, so I can't honestly say that the W-S ones are the best I've had in the States, but there is definitely something wonderful about baking them fresh and having them while they are still warm. I do think they are worth the splurge!!!!!