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Aug 19, 2006 05:12 PM

In Search of Banh Khot- Cao Nguyen San Jose

Not having my Vietnamese food craving entirely sated by Wednesday's Nha Toi meal, I decided to make a trip down to Cao Nguyen to see if the Banh Khot were as good as I remembered. I had promised one of the SJ Viet lunch group (was that you RWC Foodie?) that I would check to see how these compared to Vung Tau. They were not quite as spectacular as I remembered but still the best I have had. They are fairly light with a delicate crunch on the outside and an interior batter that is slightly custardy. Great texture combo with just a small shrimp, ground shrimp and some green onion for garnish. And of course they make a great fish sauce delivery vehicle.


Nem Nuong were also good served with the flat sheets of rice noodle. Only thing missing was a bit of char on them and a larger herb choice to go with them. Maybe because I was the only one in the restaurant not ordering the house special soup with a big orange shrimp fritter.


Cao Nguyen
2549 S. King Road
San Jose, CA 95122

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  1. Yum...the food and garnishes look really good! The banh khot look better than Vung Tau's dough balls. This place looks like a good candidate for our lunch lineup. House special soup sounds good too...

    I've read some reviews w/ mention of good frog legs and quail. Have you tried those there or seen anyone order them?

    1. Nathan,I do believe that I am the one in the lunch group who's obsessed with banh khot - I didn't see your post on Cao Nguyen until just now! We had visitors from Georgia in town last week and we took them to Vung Tau - I had to order banh khot. I was actually a little disappointed with them - I don't think they were as good as I remembered them, nor were they as good as the ones I had in the food court at Grand Century Plaza... So I will look forward to trying them at Cao Nguyen soon to see how they compare - love your photos!