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Aug 19, 2006 04:47 PM

Place to reconnect with busy husband in Toronto?

Looking for a quiet, reasonably priced ($50/person) location for dinner in Toronto. Any suggestions?

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  1. Cafe Pleiades on Mt Pleasant (few blocks South of Eglinton);
    or Avant Gout almost opposite Summerhill Liquor Store on Birch.

    1. The Rosebud, Queen west of Bathurst. Dark and intimate with attentive service.

      1. I second Avant Gout (save room for the creme brule and/or the cinnamon ice cream....mmmmmmm...that'll put hubby in a good mood)and also add Pop Bistro on Queen St East (had a really good whole grilled fish there not too long ago). If you are farther north, try Zucca at Yonge south of Eglinton for great Italian and even better service.

        1. I also like Caju on Queen West for a relaxed, Brazilian-inspired meal. Chef Mario Cassini is from Belo Horizonte and his picanha steak and mocqueca fish stew are wonderful dishes to unwind over, reconnect and enjoy a caiprinha or two. The pao de queijo (hot mini-cheese breads) he serves at the beginning of the meal will get the salivary glands going! My favourite little carb treats!

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            I second Caju.......the food was awesome, and so much detail went into each plate......Went with three friends and we all left raving. . . . . the passionfruit mousse is a must to end a great meal. . . .