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Aug 19, 2006 04:37 PM


Ok know the drill...these are my top 3 here in my slice of sunshine state paradise...MIA. How's about yours?

1. Osteria del Teatro (expensive) South Beach.

2. Rosinella's (moderate) South Beach & Brickell.

3. Lorenzo's Cafeteria (budget) NMB.

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  1. 1. Casa d'Angelo (expensive)Ft. Lauderdale
    2. Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (moderate)Ft.Lauderdale (though) I'm not so sure it qualifies as "Italian"
    3. and I agree with Laurenzo's Cafeteria (budget) NMB, but I really wish they would spend some of their millions and clean the place up!

    1. Any good places in Orlando for Italian? Particularly for fettucini alfredo and tiramisu?

      I used to enjoy Olive Garden, but the quality of both food and service has declined sharply in the past few years. Too bad, because I used to love them, chain or not.

      I don't like my Italian food to be too heavily spiced, which is a hazard in some places. Tomato and/or cheese should always be the main attractions. ;-)

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      1. re: JocelynCS

        Don't laugh -- I actually had great fettucini alfredo at Alfredo's in Epcot!

        I hear you on Olive Garden. I was just telling a co-worker, I like Olive Garden when I'm in the mood for Olive Garden -- but not Italian. Like I like Taco Bell, and go there occasionally, but when I'm in the mood for Mexican I go to a Mexican restaurant. Olive Garden is good for what it is (and BTW I LOVE their tiramisu) but I put it in a different category.

        1. re: Covert Ops

          Chef Boyardee with the new pulltop can reminds me of the Olive Garden with all the same corporate attention to detail.

        2. re: JocelynCS

          Good Italian food in Orlando is as difficult a quest sometimes as dealing with the cable company.
          Being Itlian and having lived there and in New York I took the cuisine for granted until I moved to Orlando where Olive Garden is repeatedly voted best Italian in the Sentinel
          My top picks:
          Antonio's Mailtland (downstairs) for a quick tratorria
          Roccos on 17-92 in Winter park
          Babbo -now Nonna in College Park
          Positano on 436 in Apopka worht the drive
          Timpano more for the atmosphere

          We are very limited in this category Find an Italian american friend and invite yourself to their holiday or sunday suppers Thats Italian!

          1. re: forensicfoodie

            If you find yourself over on the East Coast, Silvestro's in Cocoa Beach is quite good. ( )

        3. Campiello in Naples
          Bice in West Palm Beach
          Escopazzo in Miami

          1. I'm a big fan of Ristorante Tuscany, located in the Marriott World Center. The original is in Italy, there's a second one in Buckhead and the third one is here. Very authentic, ingredients imported from home. Great service.

            I also like Bravissimo, on Shine Street downtown. An old converted bungalow, the place is quiet and romantic with lots of neighborhood locals.

            For a small family place, there's Palma Maria in Altamonte, on 436 near Red Bug Road. They have their own oven and bake all their breads and desserts. Intimate and moderately priced.

            I also like Mona Lisa in Longwood. Also a converted home in the city's little historic district. He specializes in seafood and the chef/owner is a stickler for freshness. New menu every day. Kitschy, but very good.

            The owners of Il Pescatore, a former favorite, have reopened in a new location in Maitland called Stefano's Trattoria (1425 Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs, 407-659-0101). While I have not eaten there, I loved their food in every other restaurant they have owned and the Sentinel gave them a rave review (and a sidebar on the owners). i think its a pretty safe bet.

            Babbo in College Park isn't bad, strictly Neopolitan cuisine and just up the street, Juliana's, is more Mediterranean but also not bad.

            I am not including pizza -- that's a different category in my mind.


            1. Laurenzo's. . .*drool*

              We used to drive up from Coral Gables in a borrowed car whenever we were jonesing for cannoli.

              "Leave the gun. . .take the cannoli. . ."