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Aug 19, 2006 04:04 PM

the real reason to roast a chicken!

I always look forward to scraping off the thick potato slices from under the chicken that I oven roast. After an hour of soaking in the chicken fat and juices they are divine! By then they are dark and carmelized and the real reason to roast a chicken.....

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  1. Oh yeah, baby!! Those look gorgeous and mouth watering...

    Reminds me of when I made Marcella's chicken w/ two lemons and added potatoes to the roasting pan. Final dish seen here:

    The weather's been so cool lately here that I think roast chicken and potatoes are in order!

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      Okay...I love lemon chicken and yours looks fabulous!

    2. Good looking chicken & potatoes - ah, the simple things in life!

        1. I use a combination of onions and potatoes when roasting a chicken - after the onions have been roasting in the juices and fat of a chicken for an hour, they are AWESOME. They're almost buttery, and almost melt in your mouth. The potatoes are good too, but the onions always go first.

          1. I can see that - basically an onion confit!