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Aug 19, 2006 03:55 PM

Non-Alcoholic beers-unturned stones?

DH has had to stop consuming alcoholic beverages for health reasons and as a supportive spouse, I've mostly joined him. Anyone tried any really good N/A beers? Descriptions please. We've tried the N/A offerings of Old Milwaukee, Buckler, Busch, St. Pauli Girl, the Guinness one (can't remember the name) and the O'Douls regular and amber. Hubby's favorite is Buckler by a long shot so far. Any other suggestions????

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  1. The Guinness one is Kaliber. I like O'Doul's Amber, an Oktoberfestbier with the alcohol removed. Another good one is Erdinger Hefeweizen NA.

    1. How about trying Haake-Beck or Clausthaler? (But I've only tried the easy-to-find N/A's like ones you listed and my two).

      JD, Can that Erdinger N/A be found at BevMo? I've read blogs that mention it as a good N/A.

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        Not sure about BevMo. You could check their website or look at the importer's site:

      2. Erdinger Weisbier is sold at BevMo. They also sell Clausthaler Golden Amber!

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          Clausthaler Golden Amber rounds out my list of faves, along with O'doul's Amber and Erdinger NA.