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Aug 19, 2006 03:50 PM

Good restaurant near USF

Howdie Chow Hounds, last minute request...moving our daughter into USF dorm this afternoon. Would appreciate a rec for a restuarant nearby. We like everything. Thanks

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  1. within walking distance of USF:
    -Poleng Lounge (1751 Fulton at Masonic Ave.) has good small plates to share for an Asian fusion dinner and interesting teas.
    -Abacus (2078 Hayes St. near Cole) has a California-Chinese fusion menu.
    -Hukilau is on Masonic Ave. at Geary for Hawaiian food.
    -Green Chile Kitchen on the corner of Baker & Fulton St. has green chile stew, pozole, and burrito/taco/enchilada fare

    a bit further on Divisadero Street:
    -Little Star Pizza on 846 Divisadero between Fulton and McAllister Streets for deep dish pizzas
    -NOPA at 560 Divisadero Street at Hayes St. for American comfort food (has a communal table) - call for same day reservations at 2pm -Phone (415) 864-8643
    -Ziryab at 528 Divisadero for Middle Eastern fare
    -Herbivore (good for brunch, sandwiches, salads - avoid the pasta dishes)
    -Jay's Cheesesteaks

    1. How about Fruitful Grounds on Fulton @ Masonic. Great burgers, salads, smoothies. A real college hangout. May be crowded if everyone is moving in today.

      Citrus Club is yummy for lunch. HUGE bowls of Asian soups and noodles. Very nice on a cold day. This is on Haight Street two blocks in from Stanyan.

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        If you go to Haight Street, try Asqew at 1607 Haight - for a good value and good skewers of meats with veggies and sides of couscous, rice or potatoes.

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          Citrus Club ranks as one of the worst meals I've had in an SF restaurant. Service was awful; food was unimaginative and poorly prepared. There are lots of good places serving better Asian noodles of various varieties.

          As to your question, why not try Balboa Restaurant?

        2. Great info. Thanks mucho