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Aug 19, 2006 03:16 PM

Norma Jean's Monterey

Anyone tried this restaurant? What's good here and what should I avoid? Thanks for your help!

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  1. I like it. Old school Mediterranean cuisine. Family operation. I had the lamb shank that was served with a risotto. If you do a search on this board, the review will turn up. It was posted with my old handle ( e.d. ). Didn't return this year - mostly because I have a limited amount of time on the peninsula. Perhaps there are some locals who have eater there as well.


    1. Encouraged by ed's post, we decided to give this place a try! We enjoyed a nice dinner at Norma Jean's tonight. DH and I both had the house rack of lamb special. It was perfectly cooked, tender and most enjoyable. His eggplant soup and my corn and crab chowder were perfectly seasoned and delicious. Topped off the meal with a beautiful cheesecake dessert. We will definitely return!

      1. We ate there about three months ago, and were less impressed. I really wanted to like the place; it is obviously family owned and operated, and the owners care about their customers. We called on a Friday night pm with no reservation, and a half hour later we were seated at the nicest table in the restaurant (a table for five in the bay window...)...and the place was fairly crowded. The owner came over to chat with us and was very gracious.

        The best part of the meal was the roasted garlic appetizer. Wonderful, but of course that is hard to mess up. Hubbie's chicken was dry and didn't have much flavor. I can't even remember what I ate. Obviously, it made a big impression <bg> The boys ate steak; no particular raves. I think the best dish was my son's girlfriends' seafood pasta. Bottom line, we found it ok, but not worth a special trip....