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Downtown LA-Musts

My wife is going to explore downtown on foot on Monday. Other than Philippes and the Grand Central Market what are the musts foodwise.

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  1. I suggest walking around Little Tokyo and buying pastry/desserts at Mikawaya and other surrounding bakeries.

    1. El PARIAN for the Birria

      1. Izayoi on central @ 2nd is some of the best food downtown. Daikokuya on 1st is good. The coffee shop on the Alley on 4th 1/2 block west of Main is an underground local place. How hungry is she?

        1. Not another "must" just a Phillipe's must: the lamb sandwich, double dipped, with a healthy shmear of the mustard.

          1. Ditto the rec for Little Tokyo.

            Also suggest a scamper through Chinatown.

            1. While I agree that 'Phillipes' is a must, I prefer Cole's on 6th off of Los Angeles St. It is (I believe) the odlest restuarant in the City. The snadwhich is just as good as Phillipes, but it's a completely different experience. Unlike Phillipes which is big, bright, and lively. Coles is dark and intimate and very much a tine-warp of LA history. They also have a great bar with Chemais belgian beer on tap.
              Note: if you do go to Coles, you'll be in the heart of Gallery Row and walking distance to a dozen art gallerys.

              1. If you are seriously checking out downtown eats, Water Grill, R-23, Sushi Gen, Noe and the Grand Central Market would all have to be on the list. Secondarily, perhaps, Ciudad, Zucca, Empress Pavilion ... I mean, there are a LOT of places to eat downtown. It depends how thorough you want to be.

                1. Daikokuya for ramen in Little Tokyo. I just went this weekend and it is was as amazing as always. It's open very late as well.

                  1. A downtown adventure day must include Clifton's cafeteria on Broadway.

                    1. How about the Phoenix Bakery? 969 North Broadway in Chinatown. Great sugary fried wontons to go- yum!