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Aug 19, 2006 02:37 PM

Copa Miami report

The Bride & I tried a quick dinner at the new Copa Miami (1700 block Chestnut). We used to love the old Copa Too "in the old days" and wanted to see what the new place was like.

In short, quite mediocre. I had a reasonable classic margarita ($7.75) which was OK. My entree was a "Nicaraguan Steak", described as marinated with three sauces. Well, I could find maybe 1 1/2 sauces, the steak was very thin and I couldn't taste any marinade or really any good flavor. The "saffron" rice was white but had a good spicy tomato sauce. It was $22, but really should have cost $16 for what I would describe as "diner steak".

The Bride had a fried Grouper sandwich. It had a good thin light breading, but there was hardly any sauce on it and no tomato/lettuce.

A few service missteps. Our order of a side of spanish fries came out very late. When we got the check it was rung up at the 'tapas plate' size ($5) instead of the side price ($3). And the server didn't know what came on the steak plate (rice) and had to go ask.

Overall the decor was nice and trendy; we never saw the place as Hamburger Mary's, and the place is probably better for after-work happy hour rather than as a dinner place.

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  1. Apparently Copa Miami has closed. I am not surprised, given my experience last year (and we have not returned), and no replies...

    1. They closed? I just walked by yesterday and it was open.

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        There's a "for rent" sign on the window today.