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Aug 19, 2006 02:12 PM

Gourmet Lobster Lunch in P.E.I.

About 35 minutes North of Charlottetown on Rte 6 near Rustico (Hunter River actually) I stopped at a very nice Resaurant called DAYBOAT featuring 'Gourmet' Lobster Lunch for $12. I had the Lobster Chowder served with warm bread and SO had a pound of mussels for $9. Both delicious, the Lobster Chowder outstanding, the mussels 'very good'. Service was gracious (we didn't order wine, just tap water) and the setting beautiful overlooking a tranquil River setting (Hunter?). Best lunch in P.E.I. yet, and the price outstanding value for money. The evening menue probably substantially more expensive. Highly recommended.

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