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Aug 19, 2006 11:45 AM

Butcher in Staten Island?

Hi, Am looking for a good butcher shop in Staten Island. A place that I can get veal bones for stock, and other stuff not at the local superstore. I live in West Brighton, but will travel for the right place. Also looking for a good fishmonger. Any info greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi
    Although not on the Island, I've been shopping at Wegman's in Woodbridge NJ, and their Meat and Seafood Depts and older staff,(Maybe the Managers) are very helpful and personable. The place is immaculate the selections very varied, and they will special order anything you might want. Sort of local store service in superstore surroundings. Once while in the Bakery Dept, I expressed my disappointment at not being able to get the type of bread I like before it was sold out and the counter person suggested I call and "reserve" it. I now call them in the morning, and they wrap, label and hold my order until I arrive. Wegman's might be the answer. :-}
    Good luck!

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      My aunt goes to Cangiano's on Hylan and/or this other butcher shop on Hylan down the block from the hospital often. My grandfather also used to go to Ariemma's all the time, although I'm not sure they have a butcher there.

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        I have not been very impressed with Cangiano's cleanliness.
        Novelli's on Amboy and Clark Aves might be a viable alternative.

        1. re: Tay

          Truthfully, I haven't really seen her go to Cangiano's in years. I just remember her going there. I do remember her mentioning that other place by the hospital.

    2. BC, you may try A&C on Manor Rd a block above the todt hill houses. good luck! jp, in west brighton

      1. Hillside Market on Richmond Road in Dongan Hills always has quality products, but has definitley sold me a chicken or two that looked as though it had been quartered by a blind man.

        1. oh, there's a good fishmonger on Victory, I think, called Boston Fish Market (or somthing to that effect).

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            I haven't been and can't vouch for the quality, but Boston FIsh Market is on Castleton Ave., not Victory. It's on the stretch between the Projects and the Castleton Bus Depot, on the right side as you're heading towerd the depot.

          2. I've been off the island for 10 yrs and I'm not sure if this place is still there or if it's still family run but check out Arrochar Meat Market on McClean Ave in South Beach/Arrochar. They were our family butcher for probably 30+ years. Old fashioned neighborhood butcher - haven't found anything close to them since I left.