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Aug 19, 2006 09:14 AM

Individual Sized Cake Recipes


Does anybody know of any good simple cake recipes for making small individual sized portions as they do in the restaurants?

I'm particularly looking for a good one for a brown sugar cake?

Also, is there a good place to get bakeware that would make small individual sized cakes? Or would a muffin pan just do?



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  1. Any good cooking supply store will stock small size tins that will make individual cakes. Then fill pan 2/3 as you would for any cake recipe but monitor cooking time diligently - they will take a fraction of the time to bake.

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      Thanks 'serious'.

      Anybody know of a good simple 'brown sugar cake' recipe? I looked online but kept coming up with coffee cake resemblances.


    2. I saw mini bundts at a shower recently - not the typical individual size which is a rather large serving, but really mini ones. These are really cute and it might be worth purchasing a pan. But otherwise, I think both muffin tins and mini-muffin tins would work. There were mini carrot cakes at the same shower, these appeared to have been made in a mini-muffin tin. With a dollop of cream cheese icing and a walnut on top they were very cute as well.

      1. Restaurants are more likely to use straight sided metal rings:
        These are also good for individual mousses or other molded things, but if you want to bake something runny, like bread pudding or upside down cake, you need to make a bottom by wrapping w/ foil.


          Check out this book on Amazon, it's the definitive work on the subject.

          Lots of her recipes use everyday items like used tomato tins to bake the small cakes in.

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            Thanks, this book is just what I'm looking for.


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              I've seen and looked through her two books and, like one Amazon reviewer mentioned, was completely appalled that ANYONE would recommend baking in tin cans which everyone knows (or should know!) contain BPA in almost all cases -- ESPECIALLY cans that contain tomato products.

              I wouldn't give a penny, even indirectly, to any author who blithely incorporates a health hazard into her recipes. BPA bans have been on the books for at least 2 years so there's absolutely no excuse for her not providing alternative methods in her February 2011 "Chocolate" version of her first book, or publishing corrections to later printings of the first book.

              Of course you can experiment with other baking containers for the recipes where she specifies using cans, but as a matter of principle I personally would never buy either of her books outright.


            2. My sister makes regular sheet or even round cakes and cuts them into smaller cakes w/ a biscuit cutter. It works really well for frosted cakes (but you need to do a "crumb coat" first because of the softer, crumbier edge). Brown sugar cake sounds like it's in the pound cake family, though.

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                Indeed if you're making miniature cakes that are frosted and layered this is the way to go because the cakes remain very even, especially if you're making the miniature fondant cakes. Labor intensive too, agreed you have to take care of the crumb coat if you want them to look good.