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Aug 19, 2006 07:06 AM

Best place to have some Lamb in SF, non-curry, non-expensive? POSSIBLE?!?!

I want to take my friend out to a place that has a great lamb dish, she doesnt want indian food, and i'm a bit on a budget.

Hopefully there is a place with entrees around $25 and under for a good lamb dish in San Francisco area.

This is for her birthday =)


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  1. I like the lamb burger at Bocadillo's in SF Financial District. At lunch, two of them with a garnish salad will set you back only $8.

    Another idea is the cumin lamb at Old Mandarin Islamic, on Vicente near 42nd Avenue. It's pepper-spicy and strongly cumin-spiced.

    1. Incanto in Noe Valley has an AMAZING lamb neck that may still be on the menu (was 2 weeks ago). I recommend it highly.

      1. Woodward's Garden - Braised Lamb Shank w. melted gypsy peppers, braised endive, cous-cous - cilantro oil - great value and tastes amazing - about $20.

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          ziryab, a place next to Nopa on Divisadero (cross is Hayes) has a fantastic lamb kebab entree for about $14. I wouldn't highly recommend much more on the menu (the meze were all pretty bland) - oh wait, yes I would - the olives are incredible, served nice and warm.

          chez nous, the small plates place on fillmore, has had a great dish on their menu for years - simply prepared chops served with rosemary salt. perfectly cooked. YUM.

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            A lot of the mezze we had at Ziryab were good. Great place if you don't mind friendly but amateurish service.


          2. Helmand has one of the best rack of lamb dishes in the city and it's only about $18.