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Aug 19, 2006 07:05 AM

EVOO - rw?

A couple of weeks ago I made reservations for EVOO for resturant week, but just tonight, looking online at and I didn't see it on either list. I am positive it was on both lists when I made the reservations; I even spoke to the person who took my call about the menu!

Any ideas? Do I need to book a replacement dinner?

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  1. Travelling between Porter Square and MGH all week, EVOO looks to be completely defunct - either they're out of business or they moved to another location?

    1. Sorry applehome but you are misinformed. EVOO is alive, thriving and open for business, dinner only all week except for Sundays - they're closed on Sundays. It's one of my favorite spots. I have been away for a week but ate there the week before I left and had a phenomenal farm salad with fresh corn, blueberries and house smoked goat cheese. I followed this with the Salmon glazed with sweet-smokey sauce, served with watermelon salsa and finished the night with bread pudding - always delicious.

      Anyway - not sure about their RW participation but they do a Home Grown menu that changes every day based on whats fresh and available from the local farms. Its $30.00 per person and well worth it
      Shih, I would keep you reservation and check it out

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        Is the HomeGrown menu a prefixe with multiple choices for three courses, also? The woman I spoke to mentioned it when I asked about the RW menu.

      2. What I understand is the EVOO is not officially part of restaurant week promotion as organized by the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, but is offering $30 prix fixe menu all the same.


        1. I sure hope EVOO is still up and running.
          Just went there for a celebratory dinner a few weeks ago.
          Tried the $50 tasting menu (7-8 courses) offered only on weekday nights. Highly recommended.
          They do fantastic food with a creative twist.
          I agree with Anniebstn, the blueberry, corn and goatcheese salad was heavenly! MMmmm...

          1. EVOO is still there and open, the video store that was next to EVOO is vacated and for lease.

            I think the tasting menu with wine accompaniment ($75 total) is one of the best deals in the city, but make sure you have a driver because they give you a full pour for each course.