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Aug 19, 2006 06:40 AM

The best Bolognese in....Bologna

I have to be in Bologna for one night in early October and was wondering which of the well researched and regarded eateries in Bologna that I have or have not read about here serves the best Bolognese sauce. Having never been there and with such a brief amount of time I would love to say I had Bolognese in Bologna, in the same way one would probably need to try a cheesesteak in Philly etc...Thanks for the assist!

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  1. We've eaten at Diana's more than once and it's always wonderful. White tablecloths, local businessmen, and classic Bolognese cooking (I'm sure you can get a pasta with a great Bolognese ragu there). The last time we were there Mario Batali was at another table, which I think is a good recommendation. You can't eat badly in Bologna so enjoy.