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Aug 19, 2006 06:33 AM

onion soup?

I recently went to Doughboys for an onion soup, but it definitely wasn't as good as it used to be. Any suggestions for a flavorful onion soup with gratineed cheese?

The Westside might be doable, but I'd prefer something in the Hollywood/Mid-Wilshire/Eastside areas.

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  1. There may be better, elsewhere, but I enjoy the onion soup at French Market Place, Santa Monica at Laurel in West Hollywood.

    They have a combo with a Cobb salad that's pretty much my regular meal there.

    1. Mimosa on Beverly does a really good job with onion soup gratinee.

      1. Hopeful I'm not out of my league in the realm of finer onion soup, but I've always liked the onion soup at the Hamburger Hamlet. You might also try Marmalade Cafe, I think they use a different type of onion (its sweeter) than what is usual.

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          Check the price of sodas at HH before ordering. $$.5 and NO refills for a bar sized glass. Thank googness I asked before ordering.

          I left! Too bad too because their Onion Soup is great.

        2. I am not a big fan of french onion soup (and this is out of your designated location) but Maximilian's reportedly has a good one. That is pretty believable since everything else I have had there is really delicious.

          1. Cafe Marguerite out in Venice off of Washington just east of Pacific. They have wonderful baguettes, quiche, and crepes too.