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Aug 19, 2006 04:39 AM

shrimp bisque without shrimp? only have shells

i have frozen shells only no shrimp...can i still make a good bisque? help please!

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  1. I always thought that bisque wasn't supposed to actually have any meat in it, although people seem to expect it so they throw a few crumbs on top.

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      The bisque recipes I've used call for the shells and heads for stock, but also include the shimp meat which is pureed in the broth along with some aromatics before cream is added. As you mention, some preparations suggest that you reserve a few shrimp intact as garnish.

      I cannot imagine that you could make a decent bisque without shrimp. If you have any other seafood, you could certainly use the shells for the stock and use fish or mussels in place of the shrimp meat.

      Or you could make a vegetable soup using the shrimp stock as a base. Think of either bouillabise type flavors (tarragon, orange zest, saffron) or maybe Creole type flavors (garlic, thyme, tiger sauce, green pepper, Worcestershire) and build your soup with fresh vegetables.

      But if you have your heart set on bisque, leave the shells in the freezer and wait until you have some good wild caught shrimp to use along with them!

    2. I dunno, that's like posting here that you're out of eggs...
      Go to the store and buy some shrimp! :-)
      What am I missing?

      1. Use the shells to make good stock, freeze for later when you can make the bisque with shrimp.