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Aug 19, 2006 03:39 AM

Merguez in Brooklyn

The merguez sausage at Bar Tabac on Smith St. is great (especially in their Eggs Tabac), but it's a bit expensive for what's really street food. A recent post on Gothamist ( mentions a place in Queens to go for merguez, but does anyone know of any Brooklyn spots for authentic, cheap merguez?

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  1. I know neither 'authentic' nor your defintion of 'cheap' but my heart belongs to the merguez of Bedouin Tent--Atlantic at Bond. A plate of a couple of major-sized logs of sausage with a bit of hummus or baba and salad and an oven fresh pita (order a second pita) is $9. It's my stand-by. No idea where they get theirs from.

    1. I believe the Olive Vine chains in the Slope serve them in sandwiches,platters and on pizzas.

      1. maison de couscous or any number of restaurants in the vicinity. the last time I was there we had a tagine, but every one else was getting these really fragrant merguez sandwiches. I believe they open around 6pm & stay open late.

        1. If you want to try it at home, D'Artagnan sells a Merguez sausage in a six link (10 oz) package. I know they have it at the Key Food on 5th Ave, but would guess that they also have it at some other Key Foods and at Fairway.

          1. Belleville has a merguez sandwich that is very nice.