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Aug 19, 2006 01:56 AM

Anything to eat near The Bridge?


Heading out to see, yes, Snakes on a Plane at the Bridge tonight. Anything great to eat around there? Or are we doomed to dine at Islands?

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  1. Pann's is just down Centinela.

    El Tarasco in Westchester

    Ayara Thai Cuisine

    Bilal Indian Cuisine

    1. Dinah's Fried Chicken in greesy and good for a 50s style diner.

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      1. re: tobylet

        Nothing good at Dinah's except the pancakes.

        1. re: Wes

          imho, the good things at dinah's are:
          the baked german pancake
          the baked apple pancake
          the swedish pancakes,
          and the
          chile relleno omlette.

          1. re: westsidegal

            This was the most LA reply I've ever seen. European pancakes... and chile rellenos omelettes.

            Ah, I love this town.

        2. re: tobylet

          Tried the fried chicken once at Dinah's and really didn't get the hoopla. Small drumstick was overcooked and underwhelming. It didn't even come close to Roscoe's, which is good, but not brilliant IMO.

          Oh well, next time I'll get the pancakes above.

        3. Well, whatever you had, I'm sure it was better than the premire food where they served boxed airline lunches!!!

          My vote would have gone to the burger with grilled onions at Petrelli's Steaks on Sepulveda and Slauson... Great post and pre- movie grub... Yum!! :)


          1. It is a little late for the Snakes expedition -- but if you are stuck at the mall there, the new Callender's Grill, while nothing remarkable, is much better than Islands -- and within shouting distance but outside the mall I'd second the recommendation for Ayara Thai. (Right next to Ayara is a new restaurant Truxton's which has received mixed reviews on this board, but which might deserve a shot and, again, is better than Islands.)

            I'm staying out of the Dinah's / Pann's debate. (I truly dislike Dinah's and like Pann's, but not enough to recommend it in the face of vociferous criticism -- it has been oversold.)

            1. Pretty much EVERY single restuaurant at Howard Hughes Center is aweful....I've not tried Calender's Grill yet. I do not recommend Ayara Thai, the food is average at best and the portions are teeny tiny. Good luck!

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              1. re: gretcheng

                I certainly wouldn't send anyone to Callender's Grill unless they were on the way to Islands, but I'd send anyone to Ayara pretty much no matter where they were headed. I find the portion size fine and the food full of precise flavors and much better than average. I loved the Panang curry with beef.

                1. re: Capybara

                  Agreed- Ayara was a divine little find! I absolutely loved the Pineapple, shrimp, raisin and cashew rice dish. As for something at the Bridge, I took my Thai friend to Wild Thai and she said the Glassy Noodles was pretty authentic.