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Aug 19, 2006 01:29 AM

Carraba's - Do they all have the same menus?

I have been to two locations, Delray Beach FL and Bensalem, PA (don;t ask). The DR location seemed to have a much higher quality menu and the food was pretty good. My in-laws go there frequently.

The one in PA was almost inedible, had lots of low-end Italian choices, very small portions and at least 1,000mg of sodium per dish.

Did i hit the PA one on a bad night? Are they all the same franchise? Or did i do a major screw-up?

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  1. I've been to two in Ohio (Toledo and Columbus) and one in Maryland. Their menus were similar--but never with small portions or something gross or low-end. You must have hit a bad night.

    1. I know you're asking about the menu being the same, but I've only been to one - somewhere in Massachusetts - and the food was almost inedible. I think someone in the kitchen knocked over the salt shaker and then did a vigorous dance so salt went into every cooking vessel. Everything from the oil they gave us to dip the bread in to the calamari to the bruschetta was inedible. I went through 5 drinks just trying to rehydrate.

      My husband had been to one somewhere in Pa. before our Mass. adventure and said the food was still salty but not as salty at that location.

      1. I have never once experienced anything inedible at Carrabba's. It's really one of my favorite chains. Never had a bad night at the ones I've gone to and I'm a repeat visitor.

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          I've only been to different ones within the same state, so it's possible I've only encountered food from the same wholesale supplier. Maybe procurement or logistical difficulties account for the disparate menus?


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            Yeah, that is possible. Maybe you are in the same wholesale area. That would explain it...

        2. I went to a Carrabbas in western NC and was sorely disappointed...According to my waitress "Wines don't really go with particular foods, I just like the sweet ones." Ordered a barely passable pasta w/ crushed tomatoes and basil that was also oversalted.

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            You should know better than to ask a waiter at Carrabba's for wine tips...

          2. The one near us (Melbourne, FL) just got a new chef, so we decided to give it a third try. The result was the same as the previous two...except for salt, this is the blandest, underseasoned Italian food I've ever tasted. Three strikes & you're out!