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Aug 19, 2006 01:26 AM

You's for dim sum

675 Broadway (between Stockton~Grant St.) San Francisco

We packed four boxes of dim sum to take to Portland.
-Can you please help identify the dim sum?
there's char siu bao, har gow, pork siu mai, beef siu mai, pot sticker, a shark fin dumpling...

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  1. First of all...sorry that you went to You's. It's ok for what it is, but it's not the best dim sum, that's for sure. Trust me, I've spent many grease-laden lunches there. That dim sum must have stayed with you throughout your entire trip.

    photo 1940: In addition to what you've named, one of those things is their egg-battered fried dumpling (think of it as the Chinese Scotch Egg). The other thing you didn't mention is the gao choy gao, or chive and minced pork steamed, transparent rice (as opposed to wheat flour) flour wrapper dumpling. Classic dim sum item.

    photo 1939: Also in addition to what you've named so far, there's what You's calls a "sticky rice ball", which is similar to those Chinese tamales (lo mai gai) wrapped in the lotus leaves, only with a few more added ingredients and nothing in the middle. I like You's sticky rice ball, but the ones across the street at Broadway Dim Sum are bigger.

    photo 1938: various steamed dumplings although I'm not sure what kind. The one in the middle looks like it may be xiao long bao, or soup dumpling.

    Jesus, why am I up this late?

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    1. re: siesta

      We usually get dim sum at Good Luck on Clement Street, but lately, it's not as tasty. I hoped that You's would be a change for the better. Although I didn't taste everything we delivered to my brother in Portland, the har gow had a more delicate skin than the Good Luck version and the pork siu mai was more flavorful.
      Where do you shop for take-out dim sum?

      1. re: siesta

        There is a You's dim sum on Stockton around Washington. Their baked Cha Sui Bao is the best I've had in 20 years looking for the best BBQ pork bun in the area. They are big and high flavor and high meat to bun ratio. It beats the Cafe Bakery on Noreiga in my opinion.

        If there is a better one in town I'd love to find out about it.

        1. re: bluecheesewiz

          The baked cha shu bao at You's on Broadway is also excellent, as are the pea shoot dumplings and the taro dumplings. Garden Bakery on Jackson is pretty good, too. Of course, we're talking about bargain food, not gourmet stuff.

      2. phote 1938 various dumplings: the flat crescent is 'fun gor' the one opposite that has the pleats is 'fun gor with chopped peanuts', the round one on the right might be 'chive dumpling'.
        I would also love to know what are other good take-out dim sum places in Chinatown.

        1. Well, I guess my point was that none of the take out dim sum places are all that good, at least in Chinatown. However, some of them, like You's, have certain items that are better from place to place.

          For instance, the steamed gao at the dim sum place on Washington, between Grant and Stockton, are pretty large and tasty.

          Mon Kiang on Broadway is mostly a steam table operaton that also serves dim sum. They're one of the few take out places I know of in Chinatown that sells the Chinese donuts.

          Of course, the daan tat (egg custard) is the best at Golden Gate Bakery, which isn't a take out dim sum place.

          As I said earlier, I like the sticky rice ball at Broadway Dim Sum, as opposed to You's, and I also think their lo bok go (fried rice flour cake) is better than most. However, You's has a very good baked char siu bao. I also like You's siu mai.

          Har gao is pretty disappointing at both take out and non-take out places and, frankly, the only place I've eaten it where I truly was amazed was Koi Palace in Daly City.

          So, unless you have time to sit down at Gold Mountain (which has excellent chicken feet and tripe...and is far better than Great Eastern for dim sum), you're choices of take out varies between good to fair to bad depending which joint specializes in what item.

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          1. re: siesta

            Thanks for the info. Just curious. I've bought take-out dim sum from just about every place in Chinatown. Thought I might have missed a hidden gem.

            1. re: PBSF

              Thank you for all the posts. Whenever I visit my brother, I take him boxes of SF's dim sum - and I did think about driving to Daly City to Koi Palace for take-out - for about a half a minute, then decided I had too many last minute travel errands and little time. Clement Street is convenient, but I'd search out Irving, Noriega, or Chinatown for the next trip on your recommendations. A box of daan tat from Golden Gate Bakery is on the list, too. Thanks, again.

              1. re: Cynsa

                No problem. I think Koi Palace would have been a bit of a waste since dim sum is never quite the same after reheating. He'll just have to visit SF if he wants the best. Golden Gate Bakery is sort of odd for a Chinese business, closed for a whole month of August.

          2. The original comment has been removed