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Aug 19, 2006 01:22 AM

Best Burger in Phoenix?

Ok, it's Friday night and I've no plans. I should get out more.

I saw this on another board and I got me thinking. Sometimes I'm on culinary overload, and I just want a simple, predictable, but excellent, hamburger.

What are your faves?

Delux -- I prefer the standard with cheddar over the fancy one with blue cheese. And the sweet potato fries, un-freaking-believable.
$9 plus $6 for the fries to share.

Chelsea's Kitchen -- Generally, I think this place is overpriced, but the burger is HUGE and they'll cook it rare-plus for me. Of course, so will Delux. I think that I will always get this at Chelsea's Kitchen. $25 for steak tacos is just ridiculous. It comes with fries for $11.

Richardson's -- I don't know why, but I had a hamburger there once and it's a really good green chili cheeseburger. Now, I have a hard time choosing between the carne adovado and the burger. I know, I know, I'm waiting for someone to complain about the smoke. $9 I think with fries.

CJ's Tally's Pub -- I probably shouldn't tell y'all about this place. It's in the same strip mall as Dick's Hideaway. $5.75 for a wineburger with cheese and fries. The veggies on the burger are always fresh and the burger is always super hot. Standard white bun with sesame seeds. But, it's $5.75, y'all. No this place IS smokey!

Houston's -- They have a great homemade veggie burger for when you want to go "granola".

Roaring Fork -- Big Ass Burger. Regretfully, I've not had this burger, but I've been told of it's virtues. I'm sure it's great!

Any others? I'll keep thinking about it.

Dang, now I want a hamburger.

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  1. The White Chocolate Grill in North Scottsdale has a great burger. The meat is ground fresh daily and they will also cook it to your order of doneness. It's similiar to the one at Houstons - sorry, I don't remember the price.

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    1. re: claree

      It looks like they have three burgers, all $9.50, which includes a side.

    2. Sadly, the best burger in town no longer exists. My Vote is cooking your own burger at the original Monestary 28th Street and Indian School. I think it's becoming lofts now....

      For places that are still in business I would go with Delux or Richardson's.

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      1. re: Leanne

        You're totally right! How is it that the burger that you cooked yourself at the Mon was so much better than the ones you cook yourself at home. And the Monestary on the west side pales in comparison.

      2. Unfortunately, my favorite is at the Men's Grill @ Phoenix CC. I had given up on burgers, when we moved to Phoenix, but then found the one there.

        I have not tried most of the ones that you mention, but must, as they are all getting good press and comments from foodies. I guess that I just hit town during a dearth of good burgers, or just didn't know where to look. I need to get out and try some of these. To get the kind of responses that they have from the folk on this board - they have to be good!

        Recent thread about "gormet" burgers hitting Scottsdale sound interesting. Hope that some folk get it right.


        1. Another suggestion is Cafe Citron or Blu Burger Grill both in Scottsdale for their Kobe Beef is scrumptious.

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          1. re: ciaogal

            I believe Seth Chadwick tore into the Blu Burger Grill not too long ago. After reading his review, I believe I'll be avoiding Blu Burger.

            1. re: jhenner

              Just as an FYI, Cafe Citron and Blu Burger are owned/managed by the same people.

          2. I'm not much of a burger person. In fact, I didn't eat beef for several years, and I still pretty much won't eat ground beef, unless it is specially ground and safe to eat raw. I don't know the difference between Kobe and Angus.

            I go to Delux about once a month, or more. I get the original Delux burger, a half order of combo fries, and a soda, and spend a total of about $18 with tax and tip. It's worth every penny. It sounds like I'll have to try their other burger.

            I just tried the White Chocolate Grill, today. I had the standard cheeseburger. It came on a large, soft, sesame seed bun, with fairly sharp cheddar, tomato, a small amount of chopped onion, and a bunch of shredded lettuce. The meat was good, and really cooked rare, as I specified. Although I prefer the Delux burger, I have to say that WCG seems to have some high standards of quality. The fries were okay, but, they have a wide variety of sides, more than the menu suggests.

            I go to In-n-Out for a quick fast food fix every once in a while. Often enough to consider getting a T-shirt that says: "YES, I want onions!". I really think I'd be compromising my values by eating any other fast food burger.