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Aug 19, 2006 01:03 AM

Pre-Dinner Places near Angelini Osteria

i have a late rsvp at Angelini Osteria tonight and was wondering if there are any good "pre-dinner" places to grab munchies and drinks beforehand? maybe a low key tapas style place?


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  1. Why not skip the snacks, reserve your appetite for Angelini, and a get a glass of wine at Grace or BLD?

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      Or Hatfields or a drink at El Coyote.

    2. Definitely skip the pre-dinner snacking--I am still full from my dinner at Angelini's last night! Which didn't stop me from going for some al pastor tacos at El Taco Llama today in the Valley.

      Celebratory party of four ate:
      fegato (chicken livers and green beans)
      tripe with cuttlefish
      caprese with buffala mozzarella
      fig gratin with gorgonzola
      nonna elvira's green lasagne
      bombolotti amatriciana
      fresh tortelli pasta with pancetta, candied orange and blood orange sauce
      the fiorentine steak
      torta della nonna
      a cafe affogato
      crema (marscapapone) with strawberries
      peach mousse
      two bottles of bricco
      Every single dish was amazing, the revelations (new for me there) were the tripe, chicken livers, and the amatriciana....truly the best version of the dish I've ever had.

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        1. thanks everyone. i ended up skipping the pre-dinner snacking and had a wonderful dinner at angelini osteria on friday.....well, actually, it was because we got a late start out of the house. :D

          dinner was fantastic at angelini!!! mmm!!

          fig gratin w/ gorgonzola - wow! the sweetness of the fig and the saltiness of the gorgonzola were a match made in heaven.

          stinco veal shank special - whoaa! this was divine. i took a few bites when the dish was piping hot.....delish! however, i was a bit bummed because i ended up talking too much and when my attention returned to the dish it was cold.

          crab pasta - oops, don't quite recall what it was called but my dining companion loved it. i love crab, but due to a late blossoming allergy to crab, all i could do was stare and drool as she ate.

          marscopone - light and airy but with a definite creamy taste. the raspberry combination was just right.

          bottle of wine - sorry, i am totally blanking on this. we allowed the wine expert (not sure if he is a sommelier) the leeway to choose the perfect bottle to accompany our dinner. at first i had a little trepidation with the first sip as it was a bit too tangy. but after we allowed the wine to open up for a while, the wine matured into the ideal match for our food.

          i will definitely be heading back!