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Aug 19, 2006 12:22 AM

Hot Dog Toppings: Crispy Onions

Good Day Chowhounds!

I'm looking for a hot dog vendor, preferably in the Toronto area, that offers crispy-fried onions as a topping.

When I was in Sweden a few years ago, and had a craving for street meat. I headed over to a 24hr convenience store and ordered up a hot dog. Instead of the slathering on my regular mustard and saurkraut, the cashier offered up a short list of unfamiliar toppings, one of which was "crispy onion". (On a side note, the "creamy shrimp-salad sauce" cost extra and I wasn't feeling that adventurous at the time.) I decided on the onions and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, it was surprisingly delicious!

The all-night convenience store was not the only place that had this type of onion topping in Stolkholm. The street vendors over there did too and it seemed a fairly common choice there.

Sadly, I have yet to see any hotdog/sausage vendor anywhere else that has crispy onions or crispy-fried onions as a choice of topping. Can anyone help?

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  1. The Hotdog Vendor at 66 Wellington St, outside the TD Centre has fried Onions not crispy

    1. The crispy friend onions you speak of are canned by Planters. I don't know if they or any other brand are available in TO.

      BTW, the best hot dog topping I ever had was in France, where they put your fries right in your dog. Delicious!

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      1. re: bogie

        A Planter's product? Hmmm... like the nuts and cheeze balls?
        Thanks bogie , I'll look into seeing if any nearby supermarkets have it.

        As for fries in the hot dogs, it reminds me of a place on the Danforth which serve fries in their gyros: very nice.

        1. re: juniorcruz

          I've been looking a place like that! Where is the Gyro place (and what's the name) on the Danforth?

          1. re: Ubervache

            If i remember correctly Messini on the Danforth offers fries in their gyro. But im pretty sure there are many places that do it.

            1. re: hungryabbey

              Yup, hungryabbey is correct. The place is called Messini located east of Chester (TTC) station. I make sure to pick an gyro up during Taste of the Danforth.


              There may be other places, but this is the one I most know of.

      2. Guess that explains the "frog dog" in the movie The Hard Way!

        1. Just today, at the NoFrills at Eglinton and Black Creek Drive, I saw in the spice department a bag of crispy onions from a company called SARJ (?). It's among other bagged Indian spices. About $5.49. Might be what you're looking for?

          1. In Norway they are also crazy for crispy fried onion on their dogs. I think you are going to have to buy your own deep fried onions and bring them to the hotdog vendor. I dimly recall seeing some Asian food store (Chinese?) selling big jars of the stuff. Otherwise you could try a can of French's® French Fried Onions. I'm not sure how widely available these are in Ontario. They are ubiquitous in US grocery stores because they are an essential ingredient for a Thanksgiving green bean casserole which has assumed iconic status stateside.

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              French's FrenchFried Onions are available in Sobeys and Loblaw's and Canadian Superstore, at least.