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Aug 18, 2006 11:32 PM

Tampa Bay food bloggers

Are there any real Tampa Bay food bloggers out there? The only ones I have found so far are the following two restaurant critic? bloggers. They are young New Orleans transplants who haven’t written anything since August 9 and August 7. Any good food blogger worthy of the title writes every two or three days to keep us chowhounds coming back to their sites.

Taste Tampa Bay – Tampa bay restaurant reviews and ruminations by a New Orleans native “A New Orleans foodie and a product of hurricane Katrina”

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  1. There is Janet Keeler over at

    1. Hi patken-

      This is matt from Taste Tampa Bay. I haven't found any other Tampa Bay related food blogs besides TampaBayEats. I would encourage you to check out if you haven't already. My reviews appear there first each week and then on a delayed basis I post them up on You may have just checked the site when I hadn't updated it in a while, but I always do at least one new post per week and often two depending on time.

      Let me know if you find any other interesting local food blogs.

      Have a nice weekend-


      1. Real food bloggers? Hmmm, as opposed to what, the fake ones? Ok, I had to give you a hard time on that one, and I assume that comment was not meant to be derogatory, but only came from the frustration in the lack of writing about food in Tampa Bay.

        When I first arrived in Tampa, I was also frustrated that there were NO blogs about food in Tampa. None. Not even one. Sad if you ask me. So I just figured it was time to take the bull by the horns (sorry for the cliche) and start one! Coincidentally, Matt also started his TasteTampaBay site at about the same time. So you basically went from zero to two blogs about Tampa food in a one month time period. Damn skippy.

        As for the New Orleans thing? Maybe it is because we both come from a city that celebrates and embraces food that we both decided to write about food in our new homes. Matt's been here for quite a while now, so he's pretty much a Tampa native (if there is such a thing). In a city full of transplants, it's no coincidence that the only two writing about food are guys from NOLA. I've been writing for several years on my other site, called, but felt that I could do a better service for Tampa by focusing on local establishments and creating excitement about food. If you read my tag-line, it says "Creating excitement about food in the Tri-County region of Tampa Bay." It doesn't say anything about being a New Orleans foodie. That came from my other site.

        And the age thing? Well, this may sound arrogant, but I have far more food knowledge and experience than many people twice my age. I am passionate about it. I cook. I eat. I study. Sometimes I even photograph it, though it is not one of my strong points.

        So I guess what I am trying to say is that you can take it or leave it. Or better yet, start your own food blog. This isn't a competition to me, it's my hobby, and other things that occupy my time include a full time job, a beach volleyball league, cooking and writing recipes, a wonderful girlfriend, socializing with friends and a being with my wonderful girlfriend.

        I hope that my writing intrigues you, and if it helps you try one restaurant that you hadn't considered, then I have done my job. And please stop by the site and leave some comments; feedback is always nice.

        Kevin Lacassin

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