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Aug 18, 2006 11:31 PM

quick Hollywood Bowl meal

Say you're heading to the Bowl from Echo Park... what are some quick, tasty places to pop in and pick up a to-go meal?

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  1. say cheese in los feliz has a huge variety of cheese if you don't mind plunking down some money

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      i've never tried this place. i'm really fond of the cheese store of silverlake, tho. wow, cabrales is starting to sound good.

      1. re: foodiw15

        For more samples of cheeses and charcuterie and better hours, try Market Gourmet on Hillhurst (adj. to Alcove). There's a better variety of pre-prepared foods, packaged items, and wine (more like Cheese Store of Silverlake).

      2. call marouch on santa monica, get food to go - esp kibbeh, baba ghanouj, appetizer plate, rice, pitas, etc.
        santa monica between vermont and normandie.

        pazzo gelato - firm ice cold packed, will soften - sunset near hyperion.

        tropical cafe - get sandwiches, sweets, shakes (guanabana, etc). Sunset and Parkman (silver lake)

        zankou chicken on sunset - tarna wraps, variety of app's, or a chicken with garlic spread/sauce.

        1. Victor's deli (not the restaurant), at Franklin and Bronson, across from Mayfair.