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Aug 18, 2006 10:41 PM

Nine On Nine in Downtown Pgh

Is it a good restaurant? I'm interested in splurging once while my mom comes to visit, and this place at least *looks* serious. I've had trouble finding good fine dining in this city, but I just moved hear a week ago.

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  1. I am afraid I am not aware of Nine on Nine, where is it located? What type of good fine dining are you looking for?

    1. it is decent quality and is the upscale sibling of Eat N Park. many of the dishes are almost over-the-top with creativity, not simple. if you like fish and seafood try Monterrey Bay on
      Mt. Washington. if you haven't already, grab a Pittsburgh magazine.

      1. Yes to Montery Bay on Mt Washington for visitors (or newcomers). Also on Mt Washington is Tin Angel.

        People coming from New York love OUR Lidia's 'cause the price is not New York prices. A block or two from Lidia's is Eleven. They are on Smallman Street past the Convention Center.

        The South Side on Carson and side streets has many good places, high and low. Cafe Allegro, LePommier, and Abruzzi are three of the good ones there.

        Pittsburgh is not so big that it takes a long time to look around.

        I think 42duffy has the wrong place in mind. Sixth Penn is Eat'n'Park. Here's a recent blurb from the paper about Nine on Nine. It is downtown on Penn Avenue.

        1. you are right sir, my apologies!!! Nine on Nine has connection to Cafe Richard and good reviews.

          1. If you need a good breakfast/pastrie spot or a great lunch spot, you have to try Cafe Richard in the Strip! It's at the end of the strip down where Prima Espresso and Mon Ami Chocolates are located, actually it right next door to Mon Ami.